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7 Email Marketing Best Practices in 2022

Email Marketing Best Practices for 2022: Drive Success with These Proven Strategies


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Undoubtedly, email marketing has come a long way in the past 40 years. Like you, all email marketers today send thousands of emails at once. 

We have access to more marketing channels than ever before! It is ideal for building a bond with your subscribers and driving sales, but only if you're skilled in designing these campaigns yourself or enlisting someone who can create captivating, brand-specific content for 2022. As we step into the new year, employ these email marketing practices in 2022 for your best year to date:

Use User-Generated Content

When people purchase with your brand, they are instantly connected to the community you have created. More than ever before, people want to feel connected during online interactions. User-generated content will help cultivate trust and strengthen relationships within your subscriber base. Does the question now become, what is user-generated content? It's essentially customer reviews or photos of customers using your products that add credibility to your brand. Most companies can get their hands on this type of content today, and it can quickly be done with a simple social media message asking for permission if they're willing. Since user-generated content is available without additional costs, it will likely increase ROI.

Use Artificial Intelligence

We know AI sounds complex at first glance, but the possibilities it brings are endless. AI is being used by more and more businesses each year to improve their operations with its capabilities in personalization, customer engagement and predictive analysis. In email marketing, AI can leverage the data from your emails much faster than a human employee could do so by using an algorithm that will predict your subscriber's behaviour or even help you discover specific elements of an email marketing campaign like what is the best time to send out for increased open rates. So what are you waiting for?

Incorporate Personalization

As people begin to experience a more personalized online atmosphere than ever before, email personalization has become a crucial tool to grow your brand. While email personalization was trending in years prior, it will continue to grow in 2022. If you're questioning whether or not personalization is effective, studies have shown that personalized emails have six times higher transaction rates than traditional email. Furthermore, personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those without one. It sounds like an opportunity, right? Incorporate personalization into your email marketing strategy by using email segmentation, triggering emails based on customer behaviour, or including your subscriber's name.

Be Inclusive

The protests that occurred in 2020 sparked a massive change throughout the nation. As a result, more companies will focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in 2021. While fast-paced changes are occurring around us as society becomes more inclusive for all people, it is vital that your company accurately assesses how DEI affects your email marketing campaigns by evaluating multiple statements about discrimination from employees and customers alike. True DEI requires not just one or two signs of such misconduct but many more to indicate an accurate picture of what's going on with their business practices overall. Look at how you can incorporate diversity within each of your marketing campaigns. Ensure that the images displayed are a mix of people with different racial and ethnic backgrounds, genders, ages etc. This will promote your brand and make customers feel more loyal to it as well because they see themselves in these images and want to support them. Studies have shown that 60% of consumers are more loyal to brands that incorporate diversity and inclusion.

Improve Your Email Copy

Of course, an engaging copy has always been a critical element to the success of any email marketing campaign. In 2022, people will have more information than previous generations did. Sending emails to your subscribers is a great way to capture their attention and offer benefits in return. When sending email marketing campaigns, make sure that you explain your brand's message right away with one glance and include an actionable call-to-action! Closeout firm with an inspiring close so that they know how important it is to respond—fun fact: emails with a single, clear call to action are massive for conversions and replies. Given the increase in data breaches, you want to make sure your subscribers are comfortable with signing up for a campaign. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by including details on how your security measures align with compliance standards. You do not want people unsubscribing from an email list they signed up for because they feel compromised! Keep them happy and reassured that there would never be any changes to their personal information while using your website/email lists - all opt-out options are available and easy to find!

Make Your Intentions Clear

As the trend of sustainable and socially responsible brands continues to grow, consumers are becoming more interested in understanding where their products come from. These days it is important that brands take a chance and demonstrate these qualities in their email marketing campaign for 2022. This means you should not try to find shortcuts when growing your email list! If you're compromising someone's privacy to be included on your mailing list, it may irreparably damage your brand's reputation by making them tagged as spam. Use double opt-in methods instead of violating people's privacy which leads to emails being classified as spam - positive outcomes will result from such practices!

Always warm up your email domain

Warming up your email address and email domain is extremely important to outbound sales emails. It will improve the likelihood of your emails going to your contacts' inboxes instead of getting flagged as spam.

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Reach more customers with your cold emails

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    In a nutshell

    User-generated content (UGC) can benefit an email marketing campaign by providing social proof, increasing engagement, and fostering a sense of community among subscribers.
    AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be used in email marketing to automate tasks such as list segmentation, personalization, and A/B testing, as well as to analyze data and improve campaign performance.
    Email personalization is important because it increases the relevance and effectiveness of emails, leading to higher engagement and conversions.
    Email marketing campaigns can be made more inclusive by using inclusive language, providing alternative text for images, and ensuring that emails are accessible to subscribers with disabilities.
    Warming up your email domain is important for outbound sales emails because it helps establish a positive sender reputation with email service providers, which can improve email deliverability and avoid getting flagged as spam.
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