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Try Before You Buy - Perfect for Small Scale Testing

Tester Plan Includes

  • Email sending (Upto 5000 emails)
  • prospects (Upto 1000)
  • Unlimited Drip Campaigns
  • Email Verification (Upto 1000)
  • Email Warmup
  • Multiple Senders


$70 / mo

Saving $240 a year

Affordable and Easy to Use - Ideal for Growing Businesses

Starter Plan Includes

  • Email sending (Upto 25000 emails)
  • prospects (Upto 5000)
  • Email Verification (Upto 5000)
  • Email Warmup (Upto 10 mailboxes)
  • Unlimited Drip Campaigns
  • Multiple Senders


    $120 / mo

    Saving $360 a year

    Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level - For Established Businesses

    Growth Plan Includes

    • Email sending (Upto 50,000 emails)
    • prospects (Upto 10,000)
    • Email Verification (Upto 10,000)
    • Unlimited Email Warmup
    • Unlimited Drip Campaigns
    • Multiple Senders


      CUSTOM / mo

      Custom Quote

      Tailored your exlusive plan to match your business's unique needs. Let's discuss your vision and create a personalized quote just for you.

      Scale Plan Includes

      • Email sending
      • prospects
      • Email Verification
      • Unlimited Email Warmup
      • Unlimited Drip Campaigns
      • Multiple Senders

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        Basic Reporting
        Email Campaign Analytics
        Basic Email Warm-up Analytics
        Monitor spam rate changes
        Track domain reputation
        Email Markting
        Drip Campaigns
        ProspectsUpto 1,000Upto 5,000Upto 10,000
        Email Templates
        A/B Testing
        Hyper Personalization
        Email Verification Tool
        Analytics and Reporting
        Email Warmup
        Sender Reputation
        Spam Reputation
        Monitoring and Adjusting
        Targeted List Engagement
        Email Authentication

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