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Unlock the Power of Email Marketing with GoCustomer!

Clean email lists with email verification
High email deliverability with unlimited domain warmup
Automated email outreach with drip campaigns
High-converting content with our AI email writer

Data-driven possibilities

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Customer Acquisition

Secure your ideal customers with tailored precision. Harness the power of GoCustomer to craft messages that speak directly to your target audience. Utilize data from LinkedIn and other sources to personalize every outreach, ensuring your acquisition efforts hit the bullseye every time.

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Customer Retention

Elevate your customer retention game with data-driven insights. GoCustomer specialized agents aggregate and enrich data, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your audience. Armed with this knowledge, fortify your strategies to retain and nurture your existing customer base effectively.

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Lead Nurturing

Onboard, Nurture, and Re-Engage for Optimal Sales Growth: With GoCustomer, unlock the power of personalized drip campaigns that seamlessly guide users through every stage of their journey—welcoming, onboarding, reminding about crucial milestones, sharing valuable content, and converting leads into loyal customers.

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Upselling and Cross-Selling

GoCustomer empowers businesses to upsell intelligently. Leverage data insights to understand your customers' preferences and behaviors. Craft personalized messages that highlight premium features, exclusive benefits, and tailored recommendations, enticing customers to elevate their experience.

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Try Before You Buy - Perfect for Small Scale Testing

Tester Plan Includes

  • Email sending (Upto 5000 emails)
  • prospects (Upto 1000)
  • Unlimited Drip Campaigns
  • Email Verification (Upto 1000)
  • Email Warmup
  • Multiple Senders


$70 / mo

Saving $240 a year

Affordable and Easy to Use - Ideal for Growing Businesses

Starter Plan Includes

  • Email sending (Upto 25000 emails)
  • prospects (Upto 5000)
  • Email Verification (Upto 5000)
  • Email Warmup (Upto 10 mailboxes)
  • Unlimited Drip Campaigns
  • Multiple Senders
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    $120 / mo

    Saving $360 a year

    Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level - For Established Businesses

    Growth Plan Includes

    • Email sending (Upto 50,000 emails)
    • prospects (Upto 10,000)
    • Email Verification (Upto 10,000)
    • Unlimited Email Warmup
    • Unlimited Drip Campaigns
    • Multiple Senders


      CUSTOM / mo

      Custom Quote

      Tailored your exlusive plan to match your business's unique needs. Let's discuss your vision and create a personalized quote just for you.

      Scale Plan Includes

      • Email sending
      • prospects
      • Email Verification
      • Unlimited Email Warmup
      • Unlimited Drip Campaigns
      • Multiple Senders

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