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Over 83% of emails land in SPAM.

How often do you check your spam folder?

We bet you hardly ever do - and it's the same for your prospects.

Email deliverability is a big deal because if your email account is not warmed up or your email reputation is compromised, then your cold email campaigns aren't going to beat the spam filters and reach the Primary Inbox.

That's why many SaaS companies (just like us) offer a tool where you can check your sender reputation and see how likely it is that you will bypass the spam folder and land in prospects' inboxes.

This is essential before you run a cold email campaign.  

If your spam score is high, your cold emails will remain that - cold - because your email outreach efforts will be fruitless. You are not regarded as a trustworthy sender and your emails suffer accordingly. Their home is spam folders.

To mitigate this, use tools to check and improve your sender reputation. These tools provide valuable insights into how your emails are perceived by servers, enabling you to make necessary adjustments and ensure your messages reach their intended inboxes.

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While we aren't here to discuss the best email warmup tools just yet, we are going to be discussing Lemwarm pricing for email warm-up and also discussing alternatives.

We'll then delve into what GoCustomer offers and how our email warm-up service compares when it comes to assisting your cold emailing efforts.

First, let's talk about how a warm-up tool works and how it facilitates your cold email campaigns.

Email warming software and how it works

When we say warm up your email, it doesn't mean that we are lighting a stove and heating up your email account!

The email warm-up process makes sure you aren't put in the same pile as spam emails by improving your sender repute and getting you to the recipient's Primary inbox.

That is not an easy feat if you have a brand-new domain. You haven't emailed anyone yet and email providers have no idea how trustworthy you are or whether you are going to be a nuisance to other email users.

You can't just sit there and send personalized emails all day, can you?

So, how does sender reputation improve?

You need to have positive interactions through your email account, which means you need to send emails to people who receive them and reply - and you need to do this multiple times. This is what a warm-up tool helps you do.

Once that happens, you are more likely to get inbox placement as your email domain is properly warmed and your recipients are interacting with you, enhancing the credibility and authenticity of your account.

However, doing this yourself is likely to take much more than a few weeks and if you are working on email marketing campaigns, you don't have much time to spare.

You need to interact with older domains and they need to interact with you to build or improve your sender repute.

This makes your cold email outreach effective and consequently, your campaigns aren't a waste.

To reiterate, manually warming your email account is not really an option as you need hundreds of conversation threads to get a 3% spam rate.

So, warm-up tools actively put your email address through the warm-up system and send warm-up emails to and from your email account, improving your email deliverability.

The AI-powered platform exchanges emails between your inbox and those of others, giving your email platform the signal that this is a trusted and reliable email account and that emails from this account are important enough to reach a prospect's inbox and they belong there.

You can now send hundreds of cold emails without compromising your email deliverability or sender repute. Your email service provider is now willing to bypass your emails from the spam folder and let them into your prospect's inbox - higher open rates and more conversions are the results!

Most email warm-up tools are effective in enhancing your sender reputation even if it has taken a hit.

So, if you have a spam pattern that you would like to break, instead of spending months sending personalized emails manually and without a guarantee of receiving a timely reply, an email warm-up tool accelerates the process for you.

This marks the difference between human and computer warming as AI-powered warm-up system ensures that your warm-up process is quick and efficient and your spam report goes down to 3 (or is significantly reduced) during your warm-up period.

Manual email warming may not reduce your spam rate to 3-4 if you are doing a lot of cold email outreach. Why?

  • Your email list may be full of fake email addresses

  • Your recipients may mark you as spam

  • Many of your emails may never be replied to or even opened

All of this affects your sender reputation and improving it takes time, and effort, and you need to use the best-in-class algorithm there is - which is why you need an email warm-up tool.

Now, let's discuss Lemwarm and their pricing structure for their email warm-up tool.

Lemwarm pricing against alternatives

Lemwarm is a popular email warm-up tool and has a renowned reputation for improving email deliverability for several known companies.

They offer a few interesting features in their plan.

At $29/month you get the Essentials package which gives you a basic plan that includes content for the emails sent from your email accounts, a DNS check, and a deliverability score. Therefore. for this basic price you get semi-detailed reports and some warming up.

The second package is the Smart package which is at $49/month. This package includes all of the features in the Essentials plan and also offers a smart cluster, smart content for your personalized emails, and a warming schedule that is part of their product roadmap for now.

Lemwarm pricing structure

Lemwarm does not offer a free package but does give you a free trial of the Essentials package.

Inboxally is an alternative that also offers email warm-up. Their Starter package is priced at $149 per month and offers one sender profile with 100 emails being exchanged a day. They do offer a free trial with the Starter pack.

The Plus package is priced at $645 per month and gives you 5 sender profiles and 500 emails exchanged per day. They then crank it up in their Premium package which is priced at $1,190 per month and provides 10 sender profiles and 30-minute weekly progress sessions with support.

It has a cap of 1,000 emails a day. Then, you can move on to the Enterprise package which has an unlimited amount of everything.

Inboxally is priced rather differently from Lemwarm. The difference lies in your needs and what you are looking for.

Let's talk about GoCustomer now.

GoCustomer and pricing

The first paid plan by GoCustomer is the Starter plan which is priced at $29/month (if you pay yearly, you can get it for $18/month) and lets you send up to 20,000 emails a month while also giving you detailed reports of your spam score and domain reputation. The algorithm operates in automating the exchange of emails with your domain and your interactions gradually increase to enhance the credibility of your domain.

You can add one email account to this plan.

If you have bigger needs, you can use the $69/month growth plan for a larger number of emails. You can send up to 60,000 emails a month.

It has all the features of the Starter plan but has a higher email cap - which means more of your emails land in the inbox. If you pay yearly, this plan also goes down to $45 per month.

GoCustomer  pricing plans

Let's say you have a lot of cold emails to send and you need to warm up several accounts before you run your campaigns. You need a custom plan that allows you to send over 60,000 emails a month. Our custom package provides that and also gives you multiple email accounts that you can warm up and send emails from.

The price varies according to your need.

Once you choose a plan, we warm up your email so that your cold email is pretty hot by the time it reaches your prospect's inbox and email service providers show respect to your message by placing it in the inbox.

Positive interactions are exchanged automatically so the algorithm starts sending emails and receiving emails, starting your way to perfect delivery.

You then get higher open rates, higher conversion rates, and possibly more revenue (if that's the CTA you are working towards). We have more features in the works that will turn out to be the real game changer.

How GoCustomer is different from others

What makes us different from other warm-up tools? Several things.

  • Our pricing is one of the lowest in the industry

  • We have thousands of inboxes in our network that belong to different email service providers such as Gmail, AOL, Outlook, Zoho, and many others that will be interacting with your email account - this speeds up the warming up process and makes it more effective

  • Most of the email accounts in our network are over two years old. An old domain reputation is stronger than a new domain reputation. Therefore, your results are likely to be fantastic.

  • The emails we exchange with your email accounts are all human-created. They are real copies written by the team that excludes images or harmful links or anything that would look promotional.

If you currently have a spam pattern and would like to see how much hot water you are in right now, there is a tester package where you can check your spam rate and domain repute completely free. It's better than a free trial because it's free forever - there is no limit to how long you can use it.

We'll let you decide which is the best email warmup tool, but you will only find out if you sign up for GoCustomer right now.

Bottom Line

Using an email warm up tool gives a huge boost to your email deliverability and helps you reach the recipient's main inbox.

Most tools have a cap on how many emails you can send, but GoCustomer is different from other tools as it provides a lower rate per month and gives you a quota of a large number of emails in each package, the gateway to perfect delivery.

Whether you want to use one inbox or many, GoCustomer can generate engagement through its auto warmer in order for you to be able to communicate with a large network of prospects effectively.

You can automatically start sending your cold email campaigns in a few days after signing up.

Still, waiting for that huge boost?

Try GoCustomer Starter plan today!

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Reach more customers with your cold emails

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    In a nutshell

    Email deliverability is important to ensure that your emails are delivered to your subscribers' inboxes and not marked as spam or bounced.
    A warm-up tool is a feature that gradually increases the volume of emails sent to new subscribers to improve email deliverability.
    Manually warming up your email account is not a practical option because it is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. It can also be difficult to ensure that you are following best practices and avoiding spam filters.
    Human warming is generally considered more efficient than computer warming because it involves real people engaging with your emails, which can lead to higher engagement and fewer emails being marked as spam
    Yes, there are several alternatives to Lemwarm for email warm-up, including GoCustomer, Mailwarm, Warmup Inbox, and
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