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Top 10 Email Marketing Podcasts And What Is Common In Them

Here is what you should be listening to!


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Not everyone likes to read, (and if you don’t, then I don’t know what you are doing here) and sometimes you just don’t have the time to - that’s where podcasts come in.

 With podcasts your eyes can focus on something else, such as making sure you don’t bump into someone on the street, while your ears engage in the conversation. Statistics prove that 94% of people listen to podcasts while doing something else. 

So, you can always plug in your airpods while you are walking down the road or while you are on the treadmill - or anywhere, and listen to an email marketing podcast that helps you upskill. 

For those of you who think podcasts are still an unknown niche, Startup Bonsai states that about 55% of Americans have listened to a podcast and about 27% of those tune in to one weekly. These figures vary from country to country and believe it or not, South Korea is at the top with a 51% podcast tune-in followed by the US, UK, and Canada. 

So, we can establish that podcasts are now plenty and worthwhile. 

So, what are email marketers listening to in 2022? Here we go! 

1. Humans of Email

We love everything and anything with a human touch, right? Humans of Email, has that personal tinge that gives you entertainment, laughter, excellent advice, and inspiring stories all in one. 

The hosts are Natalie Jackson and Jen Capstraw, both prominent successful people in the industry. They and their guests talk about email campaign mistakes, email marketing tools, great tips, and just engage in a lot of casual conversation. 

This is a very fun podcast to tune in to and learn a lot from. However, if you are aiming to learn a particular skill or more about one particular topic in depth, you might want to look at other options.  

2. Email Einstein

If you are talking about being “the best” at email marketing, Einstein is likely to pop up. Though I do not believe in perfectionism, you can go far in the field of email marketing and really rack up your revenue - thus, you can become an Email Einstein. 

Email Einstein is also led by two hosts like Humans of Email but is a more serious podcast that focuses less on casual conversation and more on educational content about a particular email marketing topic. Therefore, you get in-depth and thorough advice. It’s more like talking business over lunch.  

The podcast is also shorter than other podcasts, at 30-minutes. So, you can easily squeeze it into your schedule.  It talks about everything from email marketing strategy to email automation, email deliverability and spam and so much more. 

Listening to this podcast will help you better understand why you aren’t reaching your target audience. GoCustomer can help you take it from there. .

3. Conversations with an Email Guru

Podcasts are like conversations - one-sided conversations- where you listen to the expert rather than converse with one. Conversations with an Email Guru has bite-sized episodes, which is absolutely fabulous given our 8 second attention spans. You can easily listen to the podcast in between errands or while fixing something in the kitchen. 

This podcast has one host opposed to two like the two previous ones and it is slightly more basic than the other podcasts, so if you are just starting out in email marketing, you have struck the jackpot. 

4. Email’s Not Dead

Yeah, email has definitely not, well..expired. Email’s Not Dead is the most technical of all of these podcasts and is hosted by two technical account managers. They specifically focus on marketers and developers and talk about how to maximize revenue and improve email deliverability in an email blast, and how to use email automation to your highest advantage. 

We at GoCustomer love this podcast because it is all about what we do! 

Many of the topics include creating a better sender reputation, warming up an IP address versus a new email domain, and much more. This podcast is for experienced and advanced email marketers, so if you already have the ropes, it’s time to climb the mountain. 

5. The FWD: Thinking Show

This podcast has an intriguing name but that’s not the only interesting part of it. Episodes are full of email marketing and email marketing strategy advice - copywriting, optimization, and even email design, which is an integral part of how recipients perceive your emails. 

Like Conversations with an Email Guru, this podcast has one host, Kelly Frost, and she usually invites an email marketing expert for the discussion. You can catch this podcast on Apple podcasts and tune in once a month. 

That should be enough to upskill! 

6. The Cuppa Copy

Grab a cuppa coffee while you are tuning in to The Cuppa Copy twice a week on Apple podcasts. Cuppa Copy is very human-centered and gives you valuable advice on how to keep subscribers engaged and how to grow your email list. 

The podcast consists of 30-minute episodes of action-packed advice that can take you up several notches in the email marketing game. This is definitely a show you need to listen to.

Cuppa Copy is also hosted by one host and is very direct and detail-oriented in educational content like some of the other podcasts mentioned above. 

7. The Email Marketing Show

Email marketing and devising email campaigns is a lot about reading minds and understanding psychology. The Email Marketing Show gives you psychology-driven advice that helps you understand what the recipient is thinking - so you can conversion-optimize your emails and strike it big. 

The show is hosted by Rob Temple, who is a hypnotist, and mind-reader, Kennedy. That is a very interesting combination, for sure. You get one episode a week, every Wednesday and the average episode measures about 30-minutes like the other podcasts. 

However, this podcast has a psychological perspective which can be both intriguing and money-making. Be sure to tune in. 

8. Email Marketing Simplified

This podcast is great for a number of reasons, the first being, that it simplifies email marketing. Other reasons include that it is hosted by an email marketing expert who has results to show for her expertise. Ashley DeLuca focuses on the customer in her podcast and teaches you how to amplify your game by targeting customer touchpoints. 

This podcast is aired twice a month, so you may not get as much as you get of the Email Marketing Show and the Cuppa Copy. The average episode is 17 minutes long, so it is short and to-the-point. You can learn a lot here, so definitely catch it. 

9. Inbox Besties

If you are an email marketer, your inbox is your best friend. Kate Doster covers everything related to email automation, growing email lists, and crafting absolutely fabulous email sales funnels.

The podcast is humorous and light but has implementable advice that can help email marketers turn their business to success. The podcast airs episodes once a week and each episode is about 33 minutes long. 

If you haven’t heard Kate doing what she does best, you must listen in! 

10. The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast

The best things are scarce and the McMethod podcast may be one of those. This show only airs about 3 times a year and is a longer podcast with unconventional tips and updates on what is new in email marketing. You can learn a lot from this podcast that you otherwise may not have learnt with other podcasts. The average length of an episode is 45 minutes while  some episodes may be longer if there is more to be explained. 

Serious email marketers should not miss out on listening to this one whenever an episode is aired. Being in sync with the latest in email marketing is crucial to success. 

So, these are the top 10 email marketing podcasts. If you are more of an email blog person, you can check out this article.

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