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The Best Cold Email Template B2B: Here is what you need to know

What you need to write to convert cold to warm


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Are you looking for some new cold email templates to help you close more deals?

Well, you've come to the right place!

This blog post will discuss the best practices for B2B cold emailing and provide fourteen of the best cold email templates out there.

Cold emailing can be a great way to increase your sales pipeline and close more deals. However, it's important to ensure that your emails are well-written and personalized to maximize your chances of success.

Tips to Write a Superb B2B Cold Email for a Successful Cold Email Campaign

Unlock the key to success with the right subject line

Writing catchy subject lines for cold emails is one of the best practices for a successful B2B cold email campaign. The best subject lines build intrigue, spark curiosity, and make a recipient think, 'What's in this email?'. However, too much creativity might turn off potential customers and cause poor open rates.

It's essential first to understand how best to capture the attention of your target audience, before carefully crafting an eye-catching subject line that is both creative and direct whilst remaining professional.

Creating email subject lines for your audience can be intimidating - and it gets even more tricky when you have to keep them within a certain amount of characters. Experts at Aweber have found that shorter subject lines outperform longer ones.

B2B cold email template subject line

Not only that, but sticking to 60 characters or less ensures that your recipient will get all the key information - especially when viewing the email on mobile devices! So the next time you're crafting an email subject line, remember the golden rule: lean towards shorter; it's sure to maximize your results!

Keep it short and to the point

Crafting an effective cold email can be challenging, but the best practice for success is keeping it short and sweet. You can write clear, concise, and easily understandable emails using short paragraphs and sentences.

Plus, it will encourage readers who usually scan content to stay engaged longer since they'll be able to quickly see the main points.

You'll benefit from increased comprehension and retention of information with this email crafting best practice, so it's definitely worth taking the time to ensure your emails have shorter paragraphs and sentences!

A good rule of thumb is to limit your email to no more than 100 words. According to  Boomerang's analysis of 40 million emails, response rates tend to be higher when an email is kept between 50 and 100 words.

Keeping your email short and making sure it's focused on one clear goal will help ensure that you grab the reader's attention quickly and get a response from them in a timely manner. Try this tip now and perhaps your B2B cold email response rate skyrockets!

Personalize and consider an account-based marketing approach

Personalized email outreach can have a huge impact on engagement. Account-based  marketing is a reliable approach that capitalizes on the human connection between you and the customer.

So, instead of starting with "Dear Customer", use the customer's name. Doing so creates an instantly warmer atmosphere and conveys that you've taken the time to get to know them.

By introducing yourself via an engaging and conversational tone, you show customers you care and are interested in really understanding their needs. Plus, simply using someone's name is flattering and will build trust.

Additionally, personalizing emails with the prospect's company name or contacts' names can take your cold email outreach campaign to the stratosphere; LeadGenius skyrocketed its open rate by nearly 50 percent just by altering its subject line from generic to personalized.

Similarly, Yesmail found double the unique click rates and 58 percent higher click-to-open rates with personalization incorporated in the subject line. If you are looking to make an impact with your next sales email marketing effort, make sure to include contact names for maximum engagement!

14 Top B2B Cold Email Templates and Cold Sales Email Templates

1. The AIDA Formula Email B2B Cold Email Template

AIDA model for cold email templates B2B

The AIDA formula has been a reliable tool for effective communication for over a century.  Crafting an attention-grabbing cold email with this proven formula will ensure you have the best chance of securing a response. To get your prospect's attention, you need to provide them with a compelling hook.

Then, focus on their interests or any pain points and how they can benefit from your offer in  order to increase engagement and create desire. Conclude your message by politely asking  them to take action – whether it's clicking a link, replying, or buying now.

With the AIDA cold email template, you have the ability to drive meaningful conversations in an efficient manner - giving you well-deserved returns on investment!

2. The Competitor Satisfaction B2B Cold Email Template

Using a B2B cold email template can be an effective way to demonstrate your unique value  proposition to potential leads. It offers you a great opportunity to show them why you could be a better fit than the competitor they are currently using, without bad-mouthing your rivals.

Put together a compelling email that speaks with an engaging, professional, and conversational tone – highlight your advantages while keeping things friendly and honest. With the right approach, you can ensure prospects receive information on why they would benefit from choosing you without arguing about why your competition is the wrong choice.

3. The BAB Formula B2B Cold Email Template

BAB cold email template

It takes a powerful message to motivate your leads to act. The classic formula of before-after-bridge can provide the perfect impetus. It starts by describing the current issue or prospect's pain point and providing a vision of their life when the problem has been solved or the situation improved.

Then, you demonstrate how your offer can solve the problem and provide them with the value proposition they need to move forward. According to research, you're giving your lead an opportunity to reap great rewards or avoid absolute hardship - one of the humans' primal motivators.

This powerful pain point email template can turn recipients from passive bystanders into active participants.

4. The SAS Formula B2B Cold Email Template

Introducing 'The SAS formula email'-- this template brings all the tools of storytelling to your B2B cold emails. By introducing a protagonist - your 'star' - and detailing their journey, you can much more effectively captivate leads.

This compelling storytelling approach will allow both you and your customers to envision how your product or service can help solve their problems.

Simply by adding a relatable backstory and connection with the lead, prospects gain an  understanding of what success could look like after working with you and why it's worth  exploring further.

The SAS formula is unparalleled when it comes to capturing leads' attention in a memorable way, making it an essential weapon in any modern marketer's arsenal.

5. The “Up to You” B2B Cold Email Template

Looking for the best cold email template B2B? Then look no further!

The "up to you" email is an effective sales strategy because it works on the premise of giving your prospect full control. Rather than pushing them into a decision, this template takes a step back and gives them all the power.

Doing so slowly but surely entices your prospect to reach out and make contact with you without feeling too pushy. This refreshing approach just might be what you need to mark yourself apart from your competition and launch successful conversations with potential clients.

6. The Relevant Question B2B Cold Email Template

Whether you're trying to introduce your product or service, establish relationships, and  ultimately close a sale, there's no better way to do it than with the relevant question email.

This message style entails specifically crafted questions that draw on your lead's expertise - ones that will make them curious and promises an intriguing answer.

And naturally, this message helps ensure that the attempt at communication seems like a low-time commitment for your leads.

With a confident tone of voice, you can deliver a powerful message that speaks volumes about your company's values and establishes the start of a meaningful relationship.

7. The PAS Formula B2B Cold Email Template

PAS copywriting formula cold email template B2B

The PAS formula lets you focus on the pain your prospects are feeling due to a certain problem and crafts a solution that will help with those challenges. Through this, you can quickly engage them by driving the conversation toward something they can all relate to.

With a helpful and exciting tone, you can offer the prospect a viable solution to their problem and give them the assurance of success.

By using the PAS formula in your cold email template, you'll be able to capture their attention and create a mutually beneficial conversation.

8. The “You’ve Been on Our Site” B2B Cold Email Template

Engaging your leads through tailor-made B2B cold email templates is a highly effective way to generate interest in your product or service. The "you've been on our site" email is especially impactful as you are reaching out to those who have previously expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

This template can often help your sales team develop engaging conversations and even start the sales process quickly. Put simply, this type of cold outreach works – so why not give it a try?

9. Gatekeeper/Wrong Person Bypass \B2B Cold Email Template

Finding the right contact can be tricky when it comes to business-to-business (B2B) cold emails.

Asking the gatekeeper or wrong person is a quick way to end up in the deleted or ignored folder, so it pays to do your research and always try to reach out to people you know are already familiar with what you have to offer.

Crafting a B2B cold email that bypasses the gatekeeper is an effective strategy as you can  show you have a good grasp of who would be most suitable for what you're offering and provide a justifiable reason for why you need to talk to them and not anyone else.

By ensuring it's sent directly to the right person, your conversation will have a more authentic feel - this is often far more engaging than reaching out blindly!

10. The Recent News B2B Cold Email Template

The recent news email is an innovative and engaging way to reach potential clients or partners. By referencing some of their most recent successes, you can establish a sense of connection between yourself and the people you are trying to get in touch with.

Plus, it never hurts to be up-to-date on the latest news in your industry. A well-crafted "recent news" email template can break the ice and put you ahead of the competition when trying to build relationships that lead to lasting partnerships and increased success.

11. The We Help Famous “X” We Can Help You B2B Cold Email Template

XYZ cold email template


Crafting an alluring cold email can be tricky, but one type that can be surprisingly effective is the "We Help Famous' X' We Can Help You" email.

This technique uses social proof as a powerful tool to break through your prospect's resistance and nurture them through their buyer's journey. By showcasing high-profile customers who have used your services, you provide added assurance and excitement for prospects considering doing business with you.

Taking a professional but conversational tone of voice can help further down the line in  appealing to potential leads and pointing out how you can offer them value. This type of email is a proven method for reducing friction in marketing outreach efforts.

12. The “Love Your X” B2B Cold Email Template

Sending an email to a lead where you "love their X" is an older template, but it can be useful with the right execution. By carefully analyzing which of your leads' products or services stand out above the rest, your "love your X" template can be extremely effective.

Knowing what to say and how to accurately compliment them in a professional and exciting  tone will go a long way towards building trust and loyalty; enabling you to successfully convey your message without sounding insincere.

13. The “Better Way To” B2B Cold Email Template

Cold emails can be an effective way to gain your lead's attention and start a conversation. The 'better way' email template is designed to do just that, focusing on the issue or bottleneck your lead is facing and using examples to show how your product/service can solve it.

By taking this method, you help make the message relevant and timely and keep it engaging and exciting instead of formulaic or sales-y. With examples at hand that show why your solution works better, you are destined to capture the lead's interest and have them engage in a meaningful discussion with you.

14. The Valuable Resource B2B Cold Email Template

The valuable resource email is the perfect way to warm up a B2B relationship by demonstrating your value in a unique way—providing resources. Whether it's a new study, an industry report, or simply something interesting that you wrote, invaluable references can go a long way towards breaking the ice with potential customers and presenting yourself as helpful and knowledgeable right out of the gate.

What's more, you'll become someone they think of whenever anything related to these topics comes up—now that's an impactful first impression! So don't be afraid to provide value before picking up the phone or setting up a meeting - it just might be the factor that makes it all happen.

How to Avoid the Most Common Cold Email Mistakes

If you're a SaaS product owner, you know that cold emails are essential to your marketing  strategy. While they can be incredibly effective in generating leads, there are plenty of common mistakes that you need to avoid if you want your cold emails to be successful.

Here's a look at seven of the most common cold email errors and how to steer clear of them.

1. Sending your cold email to the wrong prospect

One of the biggest blunders with cold emailing is sending your message to the wrong prospect. Make sure that you are reaching out to someone who is interested in what you offer and will be more likely to buy from you.

2. Not segmenting and personalizing your template

Don't blast out the same generic template email to everyone on your list; take time to segment and customize your template, so it speaks directly to each customer.

Use their name, include details about their industry or other relevant information, and get personal with each recipient in order for them to feel like you understand their needs and concerns.

3. Using irrelevant subject lines

Spammy subject lines are one of the quickest ways for people to delete your email without even reading it! Keep subject lines short, interesting, and relevant so customers will be more apt to open them up and read what you have written inside.

4. Forgetting to change template details

This is an easy mistake but one that could cost you dearly!

Suppose someone notices that some parts of your message didn't change from recipient to recipient (like a placeholder name).

In that case, they might assume that your message was sent out to masses rather than tailored specifically for them—and this could put them off immediately! Be sure to replace all template details before sending out any cold emails.

5. Writing longer emails

You don't want your prospects getting bored or overwhelmed by too much text; keep things concise while still providing all pertinent information they need in order for them to make an informed decision!

6. Writing long and boring sentences

People won't read long sentences or paragraphs filled with big words; instead, keep things short and sweet while still sounding professional, so readers don't get discouraged by overly complicated language or ideas they don't understand right away.

7. Not following up with prospects

Don't forget about following up with prospects after sending out initial emails; this can help increase engagement rates as well as close more deals without putting too much pressure on customers who may not yet be ready to buy just yet!

Cold emailing is an important tool for SaaS product owners looking for new leads—but if done incorrectly, it can do more harm than good! By avoiding these seven common mistakes when crafting your next batch of cold emails, you can ensure maximum success in both engagement rates and sales conversions!

Remember: segmentation is key; keep messages concise yet informative, and use appropriate subject line wording, replace all placeholder text before sending out any emails, follow up with prospects afterwards, and keep sentences short yet professional sounding!

With these tips in mind, there's no reason why your next round of cold emails won't be an absolute hit!


Increasing sales can be as simple as taking the time to craft a well-written email. The templates and tips shared in this post should give you a great starting point for creating high-converting B2B cold email messages.

Be sure to keep these best practices in mind when crafting your own emails, and don't forget to test, test, test! Also, don't forget to warm up your email domain with GoCustomer

Thanks for reading, and happy selling!

Something to Help You

Do cold emails work for sales?

Cold email marketing is one of the most effective examples of direct marketing. With it, businesses can reach prospects that may not otherwise be available, often at little cost and with great potential reward. No matter the industry — whether B2B or B2C — cold emails offer an incredible way to engage with potential leads.

When crafted correctly, they can effectively target a range of different users with an impactful message that gets them excited about your product or service. Put in the time to create compelling emails that consumers won't be able to ignore, and you're sure to experience success with cold email marketing!

What percentage of cold emails are successful?

Sending cold emails can be a great way to start conversations with customers and boost sales. While it may seem daunting at first, making sure you have a well-crafted email can go a long way in ensuring success.

Research has shown that targeted cold emails can receive average response rates between 15 and 25%. It's always important to personalize each message and provide examples of how you may be able to help them. The more examples, the more concrete the idea is and easier for the customer to understand how your product or service can provide value.

What is more effective cold calling or emailing?

Cold emailing can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to get ahead. Compared to cold calling, it's much more cost-effective and scalable - when it takes an hour or two to make one sales call, you can send several emails in that same amount of time.

You also don't need to hire and train new salespeople to increase your reach - with a few  examples of carefully crafted emails, and you can maximize your chances for success. No  wonder many successful companies rely on cold emailing as their primary sales approach!

What is the average response from cold emails?

Many email marketers may be discouraged from growing their list due to the limited success expected from cold emails. But, with examples like the average response rate of 1%, it is clear that this strategy can still be used to kickstart an email marketing program and bring a few people on board.

Executing a successful cold email campaign will require you to think strategically about your approach, but that doesn't mean you are sure to fail or come up empty-handed: even if only one appropriate person out of every hundred responds, it's still worth the effort!

How many cold emails should I send a day?

It depends on your email platform if you're looking for examples of how many emails per day should be sent. For most platforms, we recommend sending anywhere up to 200 emails a day; this ensures that your emails get read and don't go straight to the recipient's spam folder!

It may seem daunting to think of keeping track of up to 200 emails a day, but with the right tools– or just a little bit more patience– you can be sure you'll reach every one of your contacts with no problem.

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Reach more customers with your cold emails

Table of Contents

    In a nutshell

    BAB formula stands for Before, After, Bridge, and is a framework for crafting a cold email that addresses the prospect's pain points (Before), presents a solution (After), and creates a connection (Bridge).
    Some best practices for a successful B2B cold email campaign include researching your target audience, crafting a compelling subject line, personalizing the email, keeping it concise, including a clear call-to-action, and testing and optimizing your approach.
    Boomerang's analysis of 40 million emails suggests that the ideal length for a cold email is between 50 and 125 words, with response rates dropping off significantly beyond that range.
    Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategy that focuses on targeting high-value accounts with personalized marketing campaigns that address their specific needs and pain points. It is an approach that is particularly well-suited to B2B marketing.
    Personalizing a cold email can help build trust and credibility with the recipient, increase the chances of the email being read and acted upon, and improve the overall effectiveness of the campaign. It shows the recipient that you have taken the time to understand their needs and interests, and are offering a solution that is tailored to them.
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