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Tired of spending hours reaching out to your growing audience? Manual email marketing efforts are not only laborious but devastatingly overwhelming.

In 2023, small businesses and large companies leverage scalable email marketing software to get the job done.

Not to mention, you can't possibly dedicate your entire day to communicating with customers. Business owners have a lot more to worry about. Yet, it can't be denied that nurturing customer relationships is synonymous with organizational success.

And that's where email marketing automation tools come in.

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What is email automation software?

Email automation software enables users to curate targeted email campaigns and send them to relevant clients on autopilot. In essence, marketing automation is used to prepare triggered sequences within the overall lead generation workflow.

If your business heavily relies on digital marketing, signing up for a scalable email automation platform can prove to be an all-in-one solution.

So, even when you don't have time to get customers up to speed about new updates or address their pain points, no opportunity will be wasted. Why? Because your email marketing campaigns will be scheduled for delivery, no matter what.

Top reasons you should invest in email automation tools

invest in the best email automation tools for sales

Personalize customer communications

In the 21st century, generic emails are dead with zero chances of revival. Regardless of the industry your business operates in, personalizing email marketing content to enhance customer appeal is essential.

Be it newsletters, transactional emails, or messages dedicated to propelling website visitors to landing pages - the best email marketing automation software makes it easy to personalize communications.

Deep marketing insight

The best email automation tools are enriched with a plethora of advanced features that go beyond the basics. By observing recipient responses, you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Whether the customer simply opens the email, follows a link to your website, or makes a purchase, every action means something. And modern marketing automation capabilities equip you with deeper insight into the motivations of prospective customers.

Accordingly, your campaigns can be better tailored to intent and you can specifically target leads based on their stage in the sales cycle. What they did on landing pages, whether they opened or clicked on an email regarding a free plan or a paid version, and how much time they spent on a particular landing page can help make decisions regarding how to tailor a campaign.

Increase client retention rate

Email marketing tools take the leg work out of following up or sending reminders. Don't forget, mapping out the entire customer journey is all about maximising core touch points.

Modern customers are busy and constantly bombarded with information which is why constant contact is key to improving retention rate. Targeted messages with impactful content show the customer you care and entice them toward your brand.

This is why some of the most successful companies out there consistently send out promotional emails that tell clients about recent sales and flash deals. Email marketing services help make creating these emails easy with their drag-and-drop builders and with the ability to create landing page pertaining to each offer.

This helps retain clients and keep them quickly updated with what's new at the business.

Best email marketing automation features to look out for

best email automation for sales features to look out for

Not sure what makes an an email marketing software worth the buck? Nailing automation workflow can be a breeze when you have access to more advanced features.

Ecommerce automation

The better the customer experience, the faster your business grows. A marketing automation tool with this nifty feature helps you upscale your marketing strategy and allocate resources more efficiently.

By rebuilding workflows, you can reach each customer at a specific phase in the sales funnel. For instance, if your customers are abandoning their shopping carts after adding products, or subscribing to the newsletter for the first time, automated emails will take care of every situation without intervention.

Advanced segmentation

Pitching to the wrong customer is like throwing money down the drain. That said, identifying the right client isn't always easy, especially when you're a new business filling a gap in the industry.

With the best email marketing software, you can segment customers according to specific behaviours. And thus, send targeted email campaigns with relevant copy.

Omnichannel marketing automation

Not all email service providers are generous and businesses must carefully weed them out. A reliable email marketing tool enables seamless integrations with a wide range of platforms.

Think about Shopify or WooCommerce - without tracking all the information available there, your business can't make critical decisions. To extract the most out of valuable customer data derived from your online store, external integrations are imperative.

Reporting and analytics

Among all the features provided by an email marketing automation tool, reporting and analytics deserve undivided attention.

While it's no secret that email marketing remains a lucrative method for increasing sales, you must be able to answer one very specific question: Is your email marketing automation software driving ROI?

A smart campaign monitor tracks new subscribers, contact management performance, and sales attributable to email marketing.

Top email automation tools for targeted emails

The email marketing space is overflowing with options. Email marketing automation software isn't hard to find, it's just hard to figure out which one hits the sweet spot. To make things easy for you busy professionals, we have analyzed two of the best software solutions in light of their marketing features.

best email automation tool for sales omnisend


If you're searching for a powerful email automation platform that does it all, don't look further than Omnisend. Simplified user interface, unified analytics, customer segmentation, e-commerce automation, and the list goes on. This software is built upon a robust email-gathering technology to ensure businesses reap the benefits of constant contact.

Users can even create email templates with a drag-and-drop editor or use pre-made templates to inject more personality into their messages. Plus, if you're tired of increasing marketing workload and desperate to delegate some responsibility, let Omnisend bear the brunt of it.

Cherry on top? All users receive round-the-clock customer support. Rest assured, if this is your first time trying out an email automation tool, don't skimp on this feature.


The free plan offers 500 emails along with various basic features. On the other hand, two paid plans are available; $16 per month for 6000 emails, and $59 per month for unlimited emails. The only down side? No unlimited contacts.


New kid on the block, MailerLite, is a marketing platform with a bunch of beginner friendly features. If you're just stepping into the realm of email automation software, and daunted by advanced functionality, consider this.

The interface is super simple, and setting up email workflows requires minimal effort. To top it off, MailerLite enables seamless integrations with a range of e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Gumroad and more.


The free plan is suitable for up to 1000 subscribers with 12000 monthly emails. Similar to Omnisend, two paid plans are also available: $9 for 3 users and unlimited emails, and $19 for unlimited users and emails.

The Bottom Line

Personalized automated email campaigns save precious time, accelerate the sales funnel and maximize lead conversions. By tailoring the message for each potential client, you can bank on higher engagement and better open rates. But it doesn't have to end here.

Leading businesses take it to the next step by integrating their marketing automation software with GoCustomer- a customer acquisition platform - that is ready to offer you alot more very soon!

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Reach more customers with your cold emails

Table of Contents

    In a nutshell

    The purpose of Omnichannel marketing automation feature is to create a seamless, integrated experience for customers across all channels and devices.
    Investing in email automation tools can help save time, improve customer engagement, increase revenue, and provide valuable data for analytics.
    The best email marketing automation features to look out for include personalized content, triggered emails, segmentation, A/B testing, and analytics and reporting.
    The purpose of the Ecommerce automation feature is to streamline and automate online sales processes, such as inventory management, order tracking, and customer support.
    The purpose of the Advanced segmentation feature is to create targeted and personalized campaigns by segmenting subscribers based on demographics, behavior, or preferences.
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