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How Long is Email Warm Up Needed?

Warming up is not a one time thing


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The days when businesses could send messages to prospective clients without email warmup are long gone. Today's email marketers know that spam filters have gotten smarter and getting blocked is the worst case scenario.

You've put your heart and soul into cold email campaigns, optimized every inch of the sequence to build robust conversation threads, and come up with killer hooks. This should guarantee a high response rate, right?

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Unfortunately, when your cold emails don't even land in the primary Inbox and are delivered to the spam folder, you have more pressing concerns. With email warm-up, businesses can avoid hits to their domain reputation even when sending bulk emails.

A deep dive into the world of email warm up

In layman terms, the warm up process is similar to jogging for athletes before they launch into a sprint.

A new email account - or one that has been dormant for a long while - needs appropriate time before it can gain a solid sender reputation. Thus, high email deliverability isn't possible for a brand new domain without a little work behind the scenes.

Warm up emails achieve this goal. A few messages are sent and responded to everyday initially, and then gradually pace is built so that the process appears natural.

Over time, inbox placement improves, helping your new account find its way to the top. On the contrary, if you send out hundreds of emails from the get go, expect to be banned by your ESP. Spammers send bulk emails from the very beginning - it is important to build credibility.

How long does email warmup take?

Warm up for new email accounts traditionally takes up to 12 weeks. By the 8th week, email deliverability significantly increases but you shouldn't stop there.

Cold outreach is a constant commitment - and if you don't want to trigger the wrath of suspecting email service providers, know that patience pays off.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Just as email outreach doesn't stop after you've converted a few leads, email warm up doesn't end once you've reached maximum deliverability.

To maintain a good sender reputation in the future, leverage an effective warm up tool to fire through even the toughest spam filter. As a business with high stakes, you cannot risk no contact with customers. And since email communications are the best way to add more leads to your sales funnel, getting the 'spammy' label should be out of the question.

Why warm up emails are a game changer

email warmup is a game changer

Google keeps rolling out new algorithm updates which means that your cold outreach campaigns need that extra juice to get to the recipient. Even if you're a budding start-up with a small list of prospects to target, don't forgo email warm up.

No matter which email service providers you're relying on, cold emailing needs a reasonable warm up period before it's ready to bear fruit. And if that doesn't convince you, here are 3 reasons you should invest in an email warmup tool in 2023.

Qualify for higher sending limits

All email providers have some sort of daily sending limit. While your email account may enjoy a capacity of, let's say, 3000, you can't possibly make the most of this number on the first day.

Unless the ESP detects some sort of positive engagement from your email clients, forget about reaping this potential any time soon!

Enter email warm up, and you can earn higher sending limits within weeks. Be it a cold email campaign or a newsletter service targeted toward your peer-to-peer network, a dedicated warm up tool is your quickest way to get recognized as a trustworthy sender.

Achieve better deliverability scores

While improving deliverability has a lot to do with writing quality content, email warm up reduces your domain's suspiciousness so ISPs and ESPs give it the green light. So, when you send promotional messages that aren't considered bot-generated, better deliverability scores come as a bonus.

Improve open rates

Even the most personalized emails land in the wrong Inbox sometimes. The good news is that automated email warm up tools can shield you against the brunt of blacklisting.

Simply put, when you choose to warm up your email, the path to reaching hot prospects is smooth and seamless. In turn, engagement rates also go up, prompting major email providers to show your new domain some much-deserved love.

Manual warm up for your email account

Manually warming up an email account seems like the safest route. Not to mention how simple the whole process can be - at first glance, at least.

If you have a few email accounts, particularly, if each is hosted by a separate email provider, getting started can be easy. All you must do is send a few messages from your Yahoo or Gmail account every day and gradually increase the number.

But let's be brutally honest here, it's a time-consuming process and that's enough to turn away busy marketers even if it's the only downside. You already have enough to deal with which is why your 'completely free' Google accounts won't cut it in the long run.

That is, unless you get a bunch of people on board to help out with mass emailing. Naturally, being the sole sender is never a good idea.

email warmup pro tip

Pro tip: If you're going the manual route, send messages to reliable friends and family who will open their emails and respond. With zero engagement, warming up can take much longer.

Why opting for an email warm up tool is the superior choice

You don't have the time to email manually and that's okay. A warmup inbox can significantly improve the reputation of your email domain without the need for any elbow grease.

But don't be tempted by the convenience of a paid service, some software are truly worth the buck whereas other tools deserve no consideration.

Here's how to tell if you're signing up for the right type of email warming service:

  • Higher warm up limits

It goes without saying, the goal isn't to reach just one email client per day. But that also doesn't mean that sending 50 messages every 24 hours is enough. Top-tier email warmup tools push the boundaries on traditional email account settings so your business can reach maximum prospects.

  • Multiple accounts

Amateur email warm up tools use fake accounts that easily get flagged and send your emails straight to spam folders. Reliable tools use real accounts to interact with mailboxes and prevent such hazards.

  • Proper engagement

While many email marketing automation software have a warm up feature, you need one that promises engagement. Remember, higher deliverability is only guaranteed when your messages are well received by recipients.

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The Bottom Line

Cracking the sales outreach code isn't as complicated as it may seem. As long as you avoid some major red flags, the road to success won't be bumpy. However, a business thriving in the digital era must leverage the right email marketing tools to make an impact.

email warmup pribox

With GoCustomer, you can warm up your email the right way. This nifty tool banks on thousands of diverse mailboxes to skyrocket open rates and dramatically improve your domain's repute.

For bigger companies managing higher volumes, GoCustomer enables easy integrations for other users as well. The best part? You benefit from flexible warm up settings, detailed reports, and an email server trusted by ISPs.

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Reach more customers with your cold emails

Table of Contents

    In a nutshell

    Email warm-up is the process of gradually increasing the volume of emails sent from a new email account to establish its reputation and avoid being marked as spam. It is necessary to prevent emails from being sent to the recipient's spam folder.
    The warm-up process can take several weeks, depending on the volume and frequency of emails sent. Typically, it is recommended to start with a low volume of emails and gradually increase it over time.
    Sending bulk emails from a new domain without warming up the email account can trigger spam filters, resulting in a high rate of emails being marked as spam. This can harm the domain reputation and lead to the account being blacklisted.
    Email warm-up is a game-changer for businesses as it helps to build trust with customers, avoid spam filters, and increase email deliverability. It enables businesses to establish a positive reputation and reach a larger audience, leading to increased conversions and revenue.
    The benefits of using an email warm-up tool include saving time and effort, automating the warm-up process, and providing valuable insights and analytics to optimize email campaigns. It helps businesses to streamline their email marketing efforts and improve their overall email deliverability.
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