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Factors That Influence Email Open Rates & Tips to Boost Them


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Diving deep into the number of factors that affect open email rates is important. Still, to grasp them properly, one needs to understand how many factors directly or indirectly affect this metric. These factors include the relevance of your emails to your subscribers, urgency, word count, and the time of the day you send them. Also, these factors will determine if your audience will have a reason to open your emails.

The top five important factors that affect your email open rate include:

1. Relevance to the Target Audience

Like all of us, individual subscribers have certain wants and needs. They fall into various categories and are propelled by interests that may vary drastically. One significant factor limiting open email rates is the quality of information your emails contain. Monotonous and poor content emails are a big no! Sending out a weak email that does not contain any valuable information for your recipients will likely ignore future emails from you. People love information, but they like it even more when it can be applied in the real world. Sending out emails that are not helpful to your recipients is why your email ends up in the trash or is reported as spam. Therefore, it's important to target a specific group of people interested in what you have to offer. This way, recipients will see it, love it, and open it up.

2. Email Content

Another important factor is the message inside your email. Is it something your subscribers look forward to? Or are they tired of hearing about it again and would instead do without? Times are changing, and so should your emails. Are you longer limited to just providing helpful information on a subject or company to keep subscribers engaged? You can also entertain them with light-hearted content, like jokes and memes, which will show that you care about their opinions enough for it not to be the only thing they see from your brand. Everyone appreciates good humor.

3. Email List Quality

If you can successfully persuade your visitors to opt-in for your email list, it's safe to assume that they at least care a bit about what you have to offer. On the other hand, tricking people into signing up for your emails is an easy way to have your emails ignored and sent in the trash or reported as spam.

4. Time of the Day

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5. Subject Lines

More than a third of your subscribers base their decision to open an email on how its subject line appeals to them. Your subject line is the first chance to grab your subscribers' attention and leave them curious about what you will say. So, content your subject line with care, bearing in mind that it is very responsible for a good portion of your email open rates. Your subject line should be brief but carry all the information needed to get your point across. It must also be able to catch the attention of your subscribers right away.

Catchy Email Subject Lines to Increase Your Open Rate

Getting a subscriber to open an email does half of your email marketing. Here are five types of subject lines that increase your chances of getting a click on your email.

1. Subject Lines to Generate Curiosity

Curiosity is ordinary in human nature. A subject line that invokes Curiosity will get people asking for more information. Attracting people to your email by keeping them curious is an excellent way to increase your open rate. 

2. Personalization in Subject Lines

Personalize your subject lines to boost your email open rates. Can you imagine personalizing your subject line can grow your available email rate by 50%? It's unbelievable but true. Personalizing your email subject line helps people feel more familiar with you and increases their trust in the brand. For example, a generic "Hi valued subscriber" is impersonal and detached; however, an actual name such as "Ricardo" will immediately get the user's attention. Tailoring your email content based on personal information, such as relationship statuses and birthdays, is also effective in building better connections.

3. Announcing Free Offers in Subject Lines

Freebies? We all love them. They keep people motivated to do things and act as incentives for individuals to carry out actions. Sending free offers, promotions, and rewards to your subscribers will motivate them to open your emails and make them look forward to new messages from you. 

4. Humorous Subject Lines

Humor is a great way to break the ice in any situation. Many emails are often intended to get individuals on board with an idea or action. Hence, something humorous in its subject line will stick out and stand out to your subscribers. Humorous subject lines will catch your readers' attention, help spark a smile, and increase the interest you need to improve your email open rates.

5. Shocking Subject Lines

Attracting a reader's eye is usually done by stating something that may be unexpected. The controversy does attract attention, which would make the statement more likely to reach its audience to grab their interest. For example, a subject line such as "Google is NOT God" is undoubtedly the last thing you'd expect to see in your inbox. But it is equally essential to be genuine while using shocking subject lines. It is helpful if the content includes information that can validate statements like "I'm shocked" or "This will stun you". Avoid turning your subject line into something that might be considered clickbait or insulting to your readers. With that being said, it is also essential to keep your domain well-reputed. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to put effort into the content if it is not reaching your target audience. Here is how GoCustomer helps you with emails warm-up. 

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    In a nutshell

    The factors that affect open email rates include sender reputation, subject line, email list quality, relevance to the target audience, email content, and timing.
    Relevance to the target audience is important for open email rates because it increases the likelihood that the recipient will find the email useful and worth opening.
    Email list quality is important for open email rates because having a high-quality list ensures that the emails are being sent to the right people who are more likely to engage and open the email.
    The time of the day can affect open email rates because people are more likely to check and open emails during certain times of the day when they are more active and engaged.
    Email content can affect open email rates because it can either be engaging and valuable to the recipient or not, which impacts whether or not they will open the email.
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