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The Top 10 SalesLoft Alternatives and Competitors for Transforming Your Sales Strategy in 2024

The Game-Changing Sales Platforms of 2024 You Need to Know!


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Welcome to 2024, where the dynamics of sales engagement are transforming faster than ever! In this fast-paced environment, sales and marketing teams are constantly on the lookout for tools that can give them an edge.

Enter the world of sales engagement platforms, where SalesLoft has long been a familiar name.

But here's the thing: with the market for sales engagement platforms expected to grow by 15% this year alone, the hunt for effective alternatives to SalesLoft is on the rise. Why? Because businesses are realizing that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to sales engagement.

Every team has its unique set of challenges, goals, and strategies, which is why the exploration of SalesLoft alternatives is becoming more prevalent. Whether it's the quest for better pricing, different features, or a platform that just 'clicks' with your team's workflow, there's a growing demand for tools that can tailor-fit the needs of sales and marketing teams.

So, let’s dive into the exciting realm of SalesLoft competitors and alternatives that are reshaping sales strategies and opening new doors for businesses around the globe.

Understanding SalesLoft as a Sales engagement platform

SalesLoft stands out as a comprehensive sales engagement platform, designed with the goal of enhancing every aspect of the sales process.

At its core, SalesLoft facilitates building a robust sales pipeline , driving revenue, retaining customers, and providing precise sales forecasting. This sales engagement platform is well-equipped with a suite of features like Cadence, which aids in prospecting, and Conversations, offering deep insights into customer needs.

Additionally, its Deals function streamlines pipeline management, while the Forecast feature assists in predicting sales outcomes. This cloud-based platform empowers sales teams to automate their workflows and connect with prospects effectively, ultimately shortening sales cycles and boosting revenue operations.

Key functionalities of SalesLoft include a Call Repository, which aids in the rapid onboarding of new representatives by creating libraries of recorded calls and virtual meetings. It seamlessly updates CRM records, reducing manual efforts and enriching customer interaction data.

Furthermore, SalesLoft's robust analytics provide insights into the sales process's efficacy, displaying real-time data in Analytics Reports. Its advanced email sequencing capabilities, powered by generative AI, help in crafting personalized and compelling emails, facilitating better engagement with prospects.

But it is a sales engagement platform, not without limitations.

Why Should Sales and Marketing Teams Look for Salesoft alternatives

If you find yourself second-guessing your commitment to SalesLoft, you're not alone. Many sales leaders and teams start to feel that the platform, while powerful, might not be the perfect fit for their specific needs.

Let's break down the common pain points and desires that drive businesses to seek SalesLoft alternatives,

Platform Complexity vs. Usability

If your account executives (AEs) or customer success managers (CSMs) are struggling to harness the full potential of SalesLoft's SDR-centric platform, it may signal a need for a more intuitive and agile sales engagement platform solution. This calls for a platform that not only aligns with your existing tech stack but also simplifies the adoption process.

Cost-Effectiveness and Essential Features

Sometimes, all the advanced features of SalesLoft can be overkill. You might find yourself in search of a more budget-friendly alternative that still delivers substantial value, focusing on the essential features that directly impact your bottom line.

Enhanced Sales Automation for Scalability

For teams aiming to amplify their sales engagement at a larger scale, finding a solution with robust automation features becomes imperative. This enables more efficient and effective scaling of sales operations, leading to better results.

Streamlined Toolset and Process Integration

Reducing the clutter of tools and focusing on a platform that offers seamless integration can greatly enhance productivity. This not only shortens the learning curve but also minimizes the administrative load on your sales reps, allowing them to concentrate on selling.

Customization and Personalization of Sales Sequences

The ability to tailor sales sequences and have flexible triggers and actions can significantly impact the success of your sales campaigns. A sales engagement platform that offers extensive customization options can be a game-changer.

Reduced Implementation Complexity

A sales intelligence solution that is straightforward to implement with a smaller margin for error can save time and resources, making the transition smoother and ensuring quicker realization of its benefits.

Top 10 Salesloft Alternatives and Competitors

Groove: The Cost-Effective Challenger

Use Cases

Groove, as a sales engagement platform, is primarily designed for mid-market to enterprise-level businesses and customer-facing teams that heavily utilize Salesforce. It is best suited for companies that need to:

  • Manage client accounts and create targeted outreach campaigns across multiple channels.

  • Automate and track sales communications, especially email.

  • Prioritize leads and collaborate within sales teams through integrated workspaces.

  • Enhance sales performance through a Salesforce-centric ecosystem.


Multi-Channel Campaign Management: Allows categorization of client accounts and creation of targeted campaigns.

Communication Tracking: Features include email scheduling, categorization, tracking, and analytics on open rates, attachment, and link activity.

Workflow Automation: Automates tasks and workflows, providing real-time Salesforce data to prioritize sales activities.

Collaboration Tools: Includes workspaces for team collaboration, task, content, and workflow management.

Enhanced Sales Tools: Offers an auto-dialer with access to Salesforce prospect notes and history, and integrates with various apps like Slack, Stripe, Gmail, and LinkedIn.


Groove does not have transparent pricing plans, meaning that detailed pricing information is not readily available and likely varies based on the scale of deployment and specific business needs. Potential users may need to contact Groove directly for a custom quote.

Benefits of Choosing Groove over SalesLoft

Native Salesforce Integration: Groove’s design as a native Salesforce integration offers seamless functionality for Salesforce-centric organizations, potentially reducing the learning curve and integration hassles.

Tailored for Salesforce Users: Companies that already use Salesforce extensively will find Groove’s features and operations more aligned with their existing workflows, making it a powerful tool within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Focused Sales Engagement: While SalesLoft provides a broader range of sales engagement tools, Groove focuses on enhancing sales performance through its specific set of features, especially for Salesforce users.

Customizable Workflows and Campaigns: Groove allows for the creation of targeted multi-channel campaigns and customizable workflows, making it a flexible choice for sales teams with specific process needs. Database-Driven Sales Acceleration

Use Cases, as a sales engagement platform, is primarily utilized by sales reps and marketing professionals, particularly in small businesses and the computer software industry. Its main use cases include:

  • Enhancing prospecting efforts and streamlining go-to-market strategies.

  • Facilitating large-scale email tracking outreach and communication tracking.

  • Automating sales workflows to increase outbound sales activity.

  • Providing access to reliable contact data for lead generation.


  • Automated Email Workflows: Automate and test email outreach campaigns with customizable templates.

  • Email Tracking and Personalization: Offers email tracking with customized templates, pre-defined personalization tokens, or custom fields.

  • Analytics: Provides analytics on click rates, open rates, reply rates, and interest rates to measure the success of campaigns.

  • Advanced Rule Engine: Includes a rules engine for creating cross-object rules and triggers to automate processes.


Apollo's pricing structure offers four editions, including a Free tier. The paid plans escalate in features and capabilities, with the Professional plan costing $99 per user per month. Custom pricing options are also available.

Benefits of Choosing Groove over Salesloft

Comprehensive Sales Engagement: Apollo provides a robust platform for engaging prospects through automated workflows and integration with a vast database, aiding in efficient prospecting and sales strategy implementation.

Cost-Effectiveness: Apollo's pricing structure is designed to offer a good balance between functionality and cost, making it a viable option for businesses looking for a cost-effective sales engagement solution.

Advanced Features: With features like AI-driven prospect suggestions, event-triggered emails, and a rules engine, Apollo can automate complex sales processes, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Integrative Capabilities: Apollo seamlessly integrates with major platforms like LinkedIn, Salesforce, and HubSpot, enhancing workflow synchronization and data accuracy.

User-Friendly Interface: Apollo's intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifies the management of marketing campaigns compared to more complex platforms like Salesforce

GoCustomer: Leveraging AI for Enhanced Sales Engagement

Use Cases

GoCustomer stands as the ideal email marketing software for individuals and businesses looking to take their email campaigns to the next level. Its main use cases include:

  • Customer Onboarding: GoCustomer facilitates seamless customer onboarding processes through automated, personalized communication that helps new customers feel valued and informed.

  • Transactional Emails: The platform ensures that transactional emails are not just timely but also personalized, enhancing the customer experience and building trust.

  • Customer Re-engagement Campaigns: GoCustomer can help rekindle relationships with inactive customers by sending targeted, engaging content that reignites interest in your products or services.

  • Feedback and Surveys: It simplifies the process of collecting customer feedback and conducting surveys by automating these interactions, leading to higher response rates and valuable insights.


Extreme Personalization with LinkedIn Agent: Dive deep into LinkedIn profiles to craft messages with high relevance, tailoring your approach based on detailed profile insights.

Website Agent for Personalization: Create customized emails by analyzing website content, offering a level of engagement that feels uniquely tailored to each recipient.

Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition: Utilize advanced AI to identify and nurture leads, enhancing customer relationship management and improving conversion rates.

Data-Driven Strategies: Employ big data analytics to refine email campaign strategies, targeting users effectively based on their behavior and preferences.


GoCustomer offers a 7-day free trial, allowing users to test the platform’s capabilities. The Tester Pack starts at $30 per month, providing access to basic features suitable for small-scale operations or individuals exploring email marketing strategies.

Benefits of Choosing GoCustomer over SalesLoft

Hyper-Personalization: GoCustomer’s advanced personalization features, like the LinkedIn Agent and Website Agent, offer a more tailored approach to email marketing than SalesLoft’s more generalized tools.

Integrated Lead Generation: With its focus on using AI for lead generation and customer acquisition, GoCustomer provides a more comprehensive solution for nurturing and converting leads.

Data-Driven Insight: The platform’s emphasis on data analytics helps businesses to optimize their marketing efforts more effectively than SalesLoft’s sales-focused analytics.

Cost-Effective: Offering a lower entry price point and a free trial, GoCustomer presents a more accessible and budget-friendly option for small to medium-sized businesses compared to SalesLoft.

Ease of Integration: GoCustomer’s seamless integration into existing workflows and sales enablement tools makes it a more flexible and efficient choice for enhancing sales and marketing strategies.

Hunter: The Lead Hunter in Sales Automation

Use Cases, as a sales engagement platform, is particularly beneficial for professionals in sales, marketing, and recruitment who require accurate email addresses and contact information for prospecting and outreach.

  • Lead Generation: Ideal for sales staff needing to quickly find and connect with potential leads through accurate email addresses.

  • Recruitment Outreach: Recruiters can find contact information for potential candidates, facilitating direct outreach.

  • Networking Follow-Up: Useful for connecting with people met at networking events or conferences by finding their email addresses post-event.

  • Cold Outreach: Enables sales and marketing teams to conduct cold email campaigns with verified emails to improve response rates.


Domain Search: Allows users to find email addresses associated with a specific domain, providing a list of verified email addresses.

Email Finder: Helps find individual email addresses when you have the full name and company domain.

Email Verifier: Confirms the validity of an email address, providing details like its public availability, email type, and server status.

CRM Integration: Offers a simplified CRM dashboard for managing and segmenting email addresses and leads.

Pricing offers a tiered pricing structure starting at $49 per month for basic plans. It also provides a free version with limited access to its features, allowing users to test the platform before committing to a paid plan

Benefits of Choosing Hunter over SalesLoft:

Specialized Email Tools: Hunter is focused on email finding and verification, providing quick and accurate results that are essential for effective lead generation and outreach.

Efficiency in Bulk Operations: The bulk tasks feature enhances productivity by allowing mass checks, searches, and verifications.

Simpler CRM Dashboard: Offers an intuitive CRM solution for managing contacts, which is easier to use compared to the more comprehensive CRM systems like SalesLoft.

Cost-Effective: With affordable pricing and a flexible structure, Hunter is accessible to businesses of all sizes, providing more value for those who primarily need email outreach capabilities.

UpLead: Elevating Sales with Quality Leads

Use Cases

UpLead, as a sales engagement platform, is designed to cater to the needs of sales, marketing, and recruitment professionals who require accurate and comprehensive B2B contact data for their prospecting activities. It is particularly useful for those looking to build targeted prospecting lists, engage in direct outreach campaigns, and enhance their lead qualification processes.

  • Sales professionals seeking accurate contact information for prospecting.

  • Marketing teams looking for high-quality B2B data to target their campaigns.

  • Recruitment professionals aiming to find qualified candidates efficiently.


Lead Discovery and Qualification: Combines the Prospector and Intent Data features to help users identify and qualify high-potential leads based on comprehensive data filters, sales intelligence and buying signals.

Data Verification and Enrichment: Integrates Email Verification and Data Enrichment tools to ensure the accuracy and completeness of contact and company information, enhancing the reliability of prospecting efforts.

Efficient Lead Management: Offers a suite of tools including Bulk Lookup, Lead Management, Lead Notifications, and Lead Engagement, facilitating efficient organization, tracking, and interaction with more leads.

Integration and Support: Provides robust Data and Lead Database Integration capabilities, ensuring seamless connectivity with existing CRM systems, coupled with superior post-sale support to maximize user success and ROI.


UpLead's pricing structure is tailored to accommodate a range of user needs and budgets, beginning with a Test Drive Free Trial that offers 5 credits, allowing new users to explore the platform's features. For regular users, the Basics plan is available at $99 per month.

Benefits of Choosing Groove over Salesloft

Advanced Data Augmentation & Lead Qualification: Offers robust features for augmenting sales leads, with smart lists, sales intelligence, recommendations, and effective data hygiene practices, ensuring high-quality lead qualification.

Enhanced Sales Intelligence Email Features: Provides essential email-related functionalities, including sales email templates and the capability to append emails to records, optimizing email outreach strategies.

Exceptional Post-Sale Support: UpLead’s post-sale support surpasses Salesloft’s, offering users continuous assistance and guidance, ensuring a smoother and more effective use of their services.

Instantly: Streamlining Sales Processes Instantaneously

Use Cases

Instantly is tailored for sales, marketing, and outreach professionals who require a streamlined and effective tool for managing and executing cold email campaigns.

  • Customer Outreach: Supports marketing professionals in executing large-scale email campaigns to promote products, services, or events.

  • Sales Automation: Enables automation of repetitive tasks in the sales process, enhancing productivity and focus on high-value interactions.

  • Performance Tracking: Assists in monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of email campaigns to continually optimize outreach strategies.


Unlimited Email Sending Accounts: Users can link numerous email accounts from different domains and aliases, facilitating extensive outreach efforts.

Smart AI Warmup: With over 200,000 real human accounts, the warmup tool enhances your sender score by interacting with your emails, thus improving deliverability.

Email Validation and Bulk Domain Testing: Ensures the integrity and reputation of your email domains before sending campaigns.

Campaign Builder and Analytics: Enables the creation, management, and analysis of email campaigns with detailed performance metrics.

Inbox Rotation and Integration: Supports multiple inboxes and integrates with CRMs and other tools through Zapier or API, streamlining the email management process.


Instantly offers flexible and transparent pricing suitable for businesses of all sizes, with both monthly and yearly plans - with the basic growth plan starting at $30 per month.

Benefits of Choosing Instantly over Salesloft

Advanced Email Warmup: Instantly surpasses standard warmup methods with features like weekday-only warming and read emulation, which closely mimic human interaction, thus enhancing email deliverability.

Custom Tracking Domain: The platform allows the use of custom tracking domains, which can significantly improve deliverability and protect sender reputation by avoiding the pitfalls of shared domain usage.

Scalable Email Campaign Management: Users can effortlessly scale their email campaigns with unlimited domain and email connections, automated follow-ups, and intelligent sequencing.

Comprehensive Analytics and Smart Sending: Instantly provides in-depth campaign analytics and features like strategic follow-up scheduling and personalized outreach, offering an all-encompassing solution for cold email campaign management. The Flexible, Scalable Sales Solution

Use Cases

  • Lead Generation and Prospecting: is extensively used for finding and connecting with potential leads across various online platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Sales Automation and Outreach: Sales teams utilize Snov to automate and manage their outreach campaigns, ensuring consistent engagement with prospects.

  • Email Marketing: Businesses employ Snov for crafting and executing bulk email campaigns, leveraging its targeted outreach and automated follow-up features.


Comprehensive Outreach and Tracking: offers automated email tracking to monitor real-time opens and clicks, alongside advanced lead generation tools that use targeted search queries to identify prospects across various platforms.

Personalized and Automated Engagement: The platform allows for segmented outreach, enabling personalized communication with new leads. It includes features for automating follow-up emails and setting reminders to maintain consistent engagement with prospects.

Robust Contact Management and Integration Tools: With its Chrome extension, Snov simplifies the process of collecting contact data directly from websites, enhancing email tracking and lead capture efficiency.

Email Verification and Warm-Up Services: Snov checks the validity of email addresses to reduce bounce rates and improve campaign effectiveness. Additionally, the email warm-up feature automates the process to scale outbound activity, helping to establish the sender's reputation and ensure higher email deliverability rates.


Snov offers a variety of pricing plans to accommodate different business sizes and needs. The Starter plan is priced at $39 per month, and a free trial is also available.

Benefits of Choosing Snov over Salesloft

  • Comprehensive Lead Generation Tools: Snov provides a broader range of tools for lead generation data augmentation and prospecting compared to SalesLoft’s primary focus on sales outreach.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: With competitive pricing and a flexible structure, Snovio offers a more affordable solution, especially for businesses focused on lead generation and email marketing.

  • Advanced Automation and Integration Features: Snovio’s advanced automation capabilities and seamless integration with platforms like LinkedIn enhance its efficiency in managing outreach campaigns.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be intuitive, making it easier for users to navigate and implement their sales strategies effectively.

  • Customization and Personalization: Offers more options for customizing and personalizing sales sequences, which can lead to more effective lead engagement and conversion rates.

Yesware: The Budget-Conscious Sales Platform

Use Cases

  • Yesware is ideal for sales teams that primarily engage with prospects through email. Its suite of features is tailored to enhance email productivity, making it a strong fit for organizations that conduct mass email outreach to hundreds of prospects weekly.

  • For teams focused on tracking prospect engagement through email interactions, Yesware offers real-time notifications and detailed analytics. This allows sales team to follow up strategically based on prospect behavior.

  • Sales teams that utilize presentations and various content formats in their outreach will find Yesware's tracking features valuable for understanding content engagement and optimizing their sales collateral.


Enhanced Email Outreach: Yesware provides a comprehensive set of tools for email-based sales campaigns, including customizable email templates, real-time email and attachment tracking, and an extensive library of sales cycle messaging.

Real-Time Engagement Analytics: Offering detailed insights into how prospects interact with emails and attached content, Yesware enables sales teams to measure engagement accurately and tailor their follow-up strategies accordingly.

Seamless Integration with Email Clients: With add-ons for Outlook and a Gmail Chrome extension, Yesware integrates directly into the sales team's existing email platforms, providing easy access to its features without needing to switch between applications.

Customization and Sales Process Automation: Yesware allows for high levels of customization, including organizing templates into customizable folders and editing campaign elements. It also supports automation of tasks, reminders, and follow-ups, streamlining the sales process and enhancing team productivity.


Yesware provides an Enterprise plan that is available at $65 per user per month, targeting larger teams or organizations that need comprehensive access to its features. For those with specific requirements or needing tailored solutions, Yesware also offers custom pricing plans.

Benefits of Choosing Yesware over Salesloft

Faster Implementation and Onboarding: Yesware's simple installation and intuitive interface lead to a quicker onboarding process, reducing the time to full team adoption and minimizing disruptions to sales operations.

Cost-Effective Solution: With a lower per-user price point and a focus on essential email outreach features, Yesware presents a more budget-friendly option for small to mid-market companies.

In-Depth Content Engagement Insights: Yesware's superior tracking capabilities for emails and presentations provide deeper insights into prospect engagement, enabling more informed follow-up strategies.

MixMax: Enhancing Sales Engagement Affordably

Use Cases

  • Mixmax is designed to boost sales productivity by integrating directly into Gmail, allowing sales teams to perform all tasks within their inbox, reducing the need for multiple tools and interfaces.

  • Ideal for automating manual or repetitive tasks, giving sales representatives more time to focus on customer engagement and selling.

  • Mixmax suits fast-paced, growing companies where sales teams need to quickly adapt and scale their processes.


Advanced Automation and Customization: Offers a robust rules engine for creating tailored, repeatable workflows and customizable sales email sequences, enabling personalization at scale and automating repetitive tasks to free up time for customer engagement.

Enhanced Engagement Tools: Provides real-time engagement alerts, personalized email templates, smart send options, and in-email enhancements like video messages and polls, ensuring timely and effective communication with prospects.

Streamlined Sales Management: Features like one-click meeting scheduling, Gmail Sidebar for instant prospect data access, Sidechat for team collaboration, and real-time Salesforce sync streamline sales management, making the sales process more efficient and data-driven.


Mixmax offers a tiered pricing structure to accommodate the varying needs of businesses. For small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the cost is set at $24 per user per month when billed annually.

Benefits of Choosing Mixmax over Salesloft

Ease of Integration: It seamlessly fits into existing workflows, particularly for teams using Gmail, facilitating quicker adoption and less disruption.

Personalization at Scale: Enables more personalized outreach with customizable sequences and automation based on specific sales actions and tools already in use.

Collaboration and Engagement: Features like the Gmail Sidebar, customizable sequences, and easy scheduling enhance collaboration and engagement.

Cost-Effective: Mixmax offers a more attractive price point, especially for rapidly growing companies that need efficient, scalable sales tools without the extensive features of SalesLoft.

Reply: The Omni-Channel Sales Platform

Use Cases

  • Accelerated sales messaging and lead reach for faster conversions.

  • Collaboration on sales sequences and prospect management among team members.

  • Suitable for teams integrating various communication channels like email, calls, and social media into their sales strategy.


Multi-Channel Automation: Automate interactions across email, social media, calls, and messaging platforms to reach prospects effectively.

Template and AI Assistance: Access pre-designed email/sequence templates and leverage AI for creating personalized communication.

Comprehensive CRM Integration: Seamlessly connect with major CRM platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive for data synchronization and management.

Analytics and Reporting: Utilize advanced reporting tools for detailed insights into sales engagement and performance metrics.


Reply offers various pricing tiers to accommodate different needs. The Starter plan is designed for individual users, priced at $49 per month.

Benefits of Choosing Reply over Salesloft

Cost-Effectiveness: Reply provides a more affordable option with a straightforward pricing model.

Ease of Use: It boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation and speeds up the learning curve.

Flexibility in Sales Automation: Reply's platform allows for robust multi-channel automation, enabling teams to engage with prospects across various platforms efficiently.

Customization and Personalization: With advanced features like AI-driven email crafting and comprehensive template libraries, Reply enables sales teams to tailor their outreach more effectively.

Choosing the Best Salesloft Alternatives for Your Business

Selecting the right SalesLoft alternative depends on your business needs, budget, and sales process complexity. Consider factors like the size of your sales team, the industry you operate in, and specific features that are critical to your sales operations. Trial periods and demos can be invaluable in determining which platform aligns best with your sales goals, ensuring a seamless transition and successful implementation.

By evaluating these salesloft alternatives, businesses can find a solution that not only meets their current sales needs but also supports future growth and success in the evolving sales landscape of 2024.

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Table of Contents

    In a nutshell

    AI plays a crucial role in modern sales engagement platforms by providing data-driven insights, automating routine tasks, and enabling personalized sales experiences, thus enhancing overall sales effectiveness.
    Businesses may seek SalesLoft alternatives for reasons like differing pricing structures, the need for unique features, industry-specific functionalities, a preference for simpler interfaces, or a requirement for more scalable solutions as the business grows.
    When selecting a SalesLoft alternative, consider your business’s specific needs, budget, and the complexity of your sales processes. Evaluate the size of your sales team, the industry you’re in, and the particular features you need. Trial periods and demos can help in making the right decision.
    To determine the best alternative, businesses should thoroughly assess their sales strategies, needs, and goals. It's important to consider the tool's compatibility with existing systems, its scalability, and its ability to meet future business requirements.
    Yes, there are cost-effective alternatives like Groove and GoCustomer that offer similar functionalities at a more accessible price point, making them suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.
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