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In today's competitive landscape, marketing departments face numerous challenges when identifying the right prospects for customer engagement. In fact, 40% of seasoned experts agree that prospecting is the hardest part of the entire sales process.

After all, you must have accurate information to discover key insights and make the right decisions. That's where data intelligence and sales platform,, comes in. Safe to say, Apollo is highly regarded by many small and large businesses alike.

Having said that, it is one of many options on the market, and several alternatives can provide your company team with the same, if not more, functionality.

Whether you're looking for advanced sales prospecting features, more accurate data, or a comprehensive sales and marketing platform, read on to find the software that works best for your company.

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What is is a popular sales intelligence platform deployed by professional sales teams to drive conversions.

The software integrates a massive database and tops it off with automated campaign solutions. It offers advanced filters that help businesses find prospects, streamline workflows, and facilitate scalable business growth.

Ideal for startups looking to build customer lists, extracts contact details from platforms like LinkedIn and also suggests potential leads based on specific metrics. Moreover, it offers email automation to create unique recipient-centric campaigns by deriving insights from real-time data.

Apollo features: How professionals use the powerful tool

Here are the features Apollo provides to make lead generation and conversions easier.

Search filters

Apollo offers robust search filters for companies looking to find high-quality leads. These enable the user to exclude undesired categories of data and personalize contact discovery while limiting the need for manual entry.

The software leverages the latest lead intelligence technologies to help tackle the issues associated with onboarding cold leads.

In fact, at the moment, there are over 40 different filters available. Each of these can be expanded into numerous sub-filters to further refine search, land better clients and drive more revenue.

Prospecting and intelligence boasts a massive database of over 250 million accurate contacts including phone numbers, job titles, and verified email addresses. Users can leverage 200+ contact and company attributes to format quality LinkedIn prospecting lists and improve targeting.

The all-in-one tool sequences leads in real-time and gathers authentic details on potential clients based on their online profiles.

Additionally, businesses that use this platform are able to:

  • Navigate publicly available hiring data, Alexa rankings, and fluctuations in funding

  • Effectively manage a CRM integration

  • Synchronize activities across different platforms to maintain records with minimum errors

  • Update prospect lists based on evolving information

Enrichment and job change alerts adds accurate information on ideal prospects into your CRM records, delivers a plethora of lead-specific data, and allows sales professionals to come up with meticulously filtered personas based on a multitude of attributes.

The enrichment and job change feature removes redundant data that dilutes the quality of targeted campaigns. Simply put,

  • Rectifies outdated information and removes inaccurate data

  • Applies changes to enhance data accuracy

  • Sends alerts when key prospects change jobs

  • Tracks managerial changes to provide more opportunities

Engagement and analytics

This feature offers greater flexibility to marketers seeking to reach their target audience as effectively as possible. lets users customize their engagement strategy through several automation functionalities, primarily, email and call automation, in addition to safeguards and custom fields.

One can access the dashboard to tweak campaigns, apply personalized templates, and measure team performance through A/B testing. Aside from providing information on click-through and open rates, digs deep to reveal advanced analytics that add value to sales activities and simplify decision-making.

But that's not all. also offers

  • Automatic call logging that updates within your CRM software

  • A diverse collection of accurate dial phone numbers

  • Click to call with automatic recording

  • Seamless transcription functionality to replicate sales' best practices

  • End-to-end workflow optimization and cross-channel integrations

  • Rule customization to enable automated actions

API offers a large intent data repository that can be leveraged through its powerful API for your business applications and database. Users can find information on individuals, institutes, and even opportunities.

This further includes features for data enrichment whereby users can deploy API calls to update contact data, automate outreach campaigns and tweak existing sequences without any manual grunt work.

Apollo's API also enhances the efficacy of workflow management altogether in the form of:

  • Enhanced customization

  • Task priority management

  • Custom field setup

  • Deadline updates


Access to the API is charged on a request-based pricing model. Simply put, users are only charged for calls that go through the server, determined by different plans with varying extents of functionality. If you're not keen on investing in the paid version just yet, avail the free trial to get a gist of the overall functionality.

Integrations allows you to extract the most out of workflows through seamless integrations with several platforms. For one, it enables prospecting on LinkedIn so businesses can easily discover email and dial phone details.

Advanced functionalities also allow sending InMail messages right from Apollo's dashboard, once both systems integrate. Moreover, users can extract necessary CRM data, apply it to specific situations and make the right decisions.

It also syncs with Gmail and Outlook for CTR tracking and better campaign monitoring. Users can save time locating ICP contacts, add these to their records, measure performance based on certain actions and utilize prebuilt email templates.

Not to mention, also works with tools like Mailgun and Sendgrid so users can bypass preset email limits without triggering any spam filters.


Apollo uses robust safeguards against basic and advanced security threats to ensure that user information doesn't fall into the wrong hands. The platform is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified by coveted auditors and GDPR compliant as a data controller as well as a data processor.

Other security features include:

  • Encrypted passwords

  • Intrusion detection systems

  • Round-the-clock RPO and RTO

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Annual application and network penetration testing

  • End-to-end data encryption

  • OAuth2 security for SaaS services

  • Customized privacy settings

Top alternatives

In today's competitive business landscape, it's essential to have a reliable tool for finding high-quality leads and accurate prospect details. is a great option, but don't make a decision just yet.

Evaluate your options thoroughly first.

That's why we recommend some of the best alternatives in this article.

These platforms offer advanced features such as intent data, personalized messaging, and real-time analytics to help your team gain greater visibility into customer behavior and close more deals. - alternative

Sales team: is an all-inclusive sales rep engagement platform with powerful tools and intuitive features to streamline the sales pipeline. The software helps sales reps skyrocket productivity and streamline workflows.

With, sales teams can access various tools and features created to help them generate more leads, prospect sales, and manage their contact database. This platform also offers conversation intelligence that records live sales meetings and assesses them in real-time to coach teams into replicating and building upon successful selling tactics.

Outreach's real-time analytics can be used to extract actionable insights to drive informed decisions that expand your bottom line. These reports reveal areas for improvement across various customer touchpoints that can be tweaked to improve ROI.

Moreover, Outreach seamlessly integrates with various CRM software, making it easy for business teams to manage their sales pipeline and client relationships.

This integration ensures that your team has access to the latest customer information and can easily track progress through real-time lead management.

Other features include:

- Advanced email tracking

- Personalized messaging

- Data and lead management

- Generation technology tracking

- Sophisticated reporting technology

- Data enrichment and analytics


If you're interested, reach Outreach via their website to request a custom quote - the charges will vary depending on the scope of your business needs. You can also install the Outreach Everywhere Chrome extension to use features while working on your browser.

SalesLoft - alternative

Leading sales engagement platform: SalesLoft

If you need help connecting with prospects and building meaningful customer relationships now, SalesLoft can be a great option. This sales execution platform is like a personal concierge for small and large businesses alike.

SalesLoft provides growth intent triggers in addition to deep insights that help users gain visibility into their prospects' behaviors and preferences. The platform also offers direct dials and phone calls which enable professional reps to expand their contact list and target a larger audience.

Another noteworthy feature is the SalesLost Cadence, whereby, users can automate their outreach efforts by scheduling messages across select channels and timelines. As a result, company teams stay in rhythm with their tasks and ensure that the sales process remains efficient.

Portable mobile direct dials are handy for agents who are always on the go. Since calls can be conducted on a single platform, SalesLoft's nifty integration features save time and cut costs.

The software also allows users to peer into underlying buying patterns, which help emerging businesses understand what drives their prospects to take certain actions. In turn, sales professionals are able to customize their engagement strategy and personalize tactics for higher conversion rates.

Furthermore, the platform's AI-powered technology can help your team prioritize prospects based on a range of factors such as their level of engagement. This lead management function streamlines the sales funnel so potential customers can be strategically catered to.

As one of the leading competitors out there, SalesLoft has plenty in its arsenal to deserve a spot on this list. Other features include:

- Scaled sales forecasting

- Data-backed recommendations

- Workflow management

- Multi-device data visualization

- Real-time updates


Interested users can choose from the free trial or three paid plans: Essential, Advanced, and Premier. However, plan pricing is only revealed upon requesting the quote via a contact form on their website.

ZoomInfo - alternative

Accurate contact database: ZoomInfo

Whether it's clients' phone numbers or email addresses, ZoomInfo is an indispensable resource for any sales and marketing team looking for a vast database to improve their outreach. With its collection of accurate B2B contact information and advanced features, ZoomInfo makes it easy to find and connect with your potential clients.

The platform has an impressive range of lead generation and management features including email finder tools, agent-assisted dialer, call scripts, verified emails, and critical insights into lead generation, which can help your team identify and reach highly filtered clients.

In that, ZoomInfo's advanced search features allow your team to filter for job title, company size, and industry type to name a few.

Additionally, ZoomInfo's quality contact information is updated in real-time, ensuring that your entire team can access core details across several data points, without having to wait. Likewise, its email automation system is also pretty pristine.

Better yet, ZoomInfo's chrome extension combined with its many CRM-based integrations are exceptionally well at helping revenue teams focus on more complex assignments. As the platform's machine learning model takes care of preliminaries, users make the most of competitor intelligence and hence, land a higher number of qualified sales.

But there's more to it. ZoomInfo enables more features such as:

- News alerts

- Market insights

- Custom reports

- Privacy and data collection compliance function

- Data cleaning and verification

- Media attribution


Whether you wish to create a moderately short list of high-quality leads or manage large volumes of contact data, ZoomInfo can work with you to create a custom plan that suits your team's requirements and budget.

You can also request a free trial or sign up for one of its three paid plans, SalesOS, MarketingOS, and TalentOs.

Hubspot alternative

Sales and marketing teams: HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful platform with a beginner-friendly user interface that offers an all-in-one solution for your sales and marketing needs.

It facilitates quick lead generation and CRM integrations while ensuring that customer success teams have sufficient data to plan their next course of action. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginner and seasoned sales reps to collaborate, and that too, as seamlessly as possible.

Hubspot uses intent data to provide valuable insights that can be utilized at every stage of the customer acquisition funnel. The software also enables messaging recommendations based on knowledge management technology to automatically provide answers to commonly asked customer questions.

Similarly, effective data management paves the way for customized sales activities that take your prospects' preferences into account. Using HubSpot also means less time switching between tools, business emails, and company websites, and more time focused on bringing paying customers on board.

Users of this platform have access to a lot more functionalities such as:

- Multi-language internalization

- Dynamic document generation

- Territory and quote management

- Visual configuration

- Approval workflow management

Moreover, adding Hubspot's Chrome extension to the browser allows you to draw information directly from company websites, and also gather insights on the target audience engaging with your online presence.


HubSpot offers three plans, two for businesses and enterprises and one for small teams and individuals.

To get a custom quote, you must first sign up for an account on HubSpot's website.

Diverting away from competitors, let's look at what you need besides a sales engagement platform.

BONUS: With a sales engagement platform, you also need a great email marketing service. alternatives GoCustomer

Supercharge email marketing with GoCustomer

As a sales manager or business owner, you know how important it is to have a reliable email marketing tool that can help in cold emailing and engage your current audience. Whether you are sending newsletters or creating sales emails, you need to make sure they are well-designed, received, and you are able to automate the process.

That's where GoCustomer comes in.

Our email marketing platform provides a simplified user interface, a plethora of features, and very affordable packages making it both enterprise and startup-friendly.

With GoCustomer, your entire team has access to advanced features like email A/B testing, unlimited drip campaigns, email verification, email warmup, and an AI writing assistant.

GoCustomer provides detailed reporting and analytics features that give you insight into customer behavior and which metrics you need to improve.

From the beginning of the email marketing cycle - email verification and email domain warmup - GoCustomer takes you through the whole process seamlessly, ensuring that your recipients get the message and you are able to devise email marketing strategies that lead to higher conversions.

Users can monitor spam rate changes and work toward optimizing their sender reputation. Since GoCustomer's warmup features reduce domain strikes by email service providers, outbound messages have a higher chance of reaching the recipient's primary Inbox.

GoCustomer also provides great content management and optimization features with its AI writing assistant that lets you create messages that will resonate with your audience and are more likely to push buyers along the sales funnel.


GoCustomer's plans are very affordably priced and you can easily scale as you grow. Make sure you choose a plan that includes all features that are important to you and your business. You can always start with our Tester package to see if it fits your needs.

If you need something special, our custom plan can definitely accommodate your specific needs.

What makes a sale engagement platform worth it?

Research shows that 72% of top-tier businesses actively use marketing automation software to manage their operations. Naturally, with the abundance of options available today, companies are faced with the dilemma of choosing between the best alternatives.

Not only do you need quality data and more contacts for effective prospecting, but also a long list of complementary features that help you achieve your marketing goals.

Here's what you should never skimp on!

unified dashboard in a sales engagement platform

Everything in one place

Switching between multiple different tools isn't just inconvenient, it's detrimental to business success. Reliable sales platforms let reps access, modify and change relevant information on one screen.

In other words, users should be able to conduct any form of communication with their clients - be it email, social media, or telephone - through a unified dashboard that enables easy integrations with third-party platforms.

workflow automation for a sales engagement platform

Workflow automation

Effective tools are never without that much-needed element of time savviness. You must engage your prospects as soon as possible and that's only possible when workflows can be automated. While conducting mass-scale outreach campaigns, top-tier platforms remove the need for manual data entry, email scheduling, and follow-ups.

Preset triggers ensure that necessary actions are taken on autopilot. Thus, by helping sales professionals pay attention to more complex tasks, workflow automation sweeps in to save the day.

CRM integration with Apollo

CRM integration

Your customer relationship management system stores existing data on loyal leads. Needless to say, this is essential to healthy business operations.

So, when you think about complementing marketing efforts with a sales platform, know that your tool of choice should offer integrations with other sales tools and CRMs. This will allow sales leaders to gain valuable insights into their performance.

Integrations are important primarily because they set the ground for effective prospect interactions and eliminate the risk of data duplication - a common occurrence that can dilute the validity of your results and inflate ROI.

analytics and reporting in sales engagement platforms

Analytics and reporting

Knowing how well your sales team is performing compared to predetermined benchmarks is essential. A worthy sales engagement system will provide real-time analytical reports that measure your team's progress while also highlighting shortcomings.

Additionally, users will also be able to manage their client's journey through the sales pipeline. The latter highlights where prospects are in the funnel and what can be done to push them closer to conversion.

Bottom line

Choosing the right sales engagement platform is crucial for any business that wants to stay competitive in today's market. Whether you opt for or another tool, the key is to find one that can help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Empowering your sales team with the correct data and actionable insights can accelerate revenue growth. So don't wait. Transform your sales process and drive business growth with the right sales engagement platform today.

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Reach more customers with your cold emails

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    In a nutshell

    Yes, approximately 72% of top-tier businesses use marketing automation software to simplify their communication processes.
    Some of the things that you should look for in a sales engagement platform are getting everything in one place, workflow automation, CRM integration, a good reporting and analytics dashboard, and a great price!
    Apollo lets you find and extract information about potential leads and helps you create lists of people that may be interested in your product/service. It gathers information from their online profiles to match characteristics that you enter in your search filters and then provides contact information.
    Yes, Apollo has features that enable contact with potential leads through various mediums such as phone, email, and social media. It is a sales engagement platform that helps you manage the sales cadence.
    Sales intelligence is important insights into prospect behavior which include website visits, email opens, and social media activity. All of this information helps you tailor your messages for a better response.
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