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Zoho Reviews: Is It Worth the Investment for your Business?

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Are you considering investing in a new customer relationship management (CRM) system for your business?

If so, Zoho might be exactly what you're looking for. With an expansive set of features and options, this powerful platform could become the hub of your organization's customer relationships. We'll take a look at some of Zoho's capabilities in this Zoho CRM review to help you determine whether it meets your needs.

Zoho CRM is a powerful and reliable customer relationship management software designed especially for small businesses. Cost-effective and feature-rich, the cloud-based CRM does it all—from allowing customizations and analytics to developing process management tools and integrations with other apps like Google Workspace, Intuit QuickBooks, Slack, RingCentral and more.

With these tools at your business’s disposal there will be no more manual data entry from one platform to another – saving plenty of time.

Plus, employees can take advantage of the Zoho mobile app to access the entire CRM from anywhere. As such, Zoho CRM provides a comprehensive solution for any business seeking to organize its customer relationships easily and effectively on any device.

Zoho CRM Features 

zoho reviews and features

Zoho has everything from client data management to workflow automation, so let’s take a closer look at what makes Zoho so great. 

Workflow management 

Workflow management is one of the most important aspects of any successful business. With Zoho, you can automate parts of your sales process, such as sending emails, updating contact records, and following approval processes. This reduces manual labor while ensuring that all tasks are completed quickly and accurately. Plus, it gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. 

Territory Management 

With Zoho’s territory management feature, you can define salesperson territories based on customer or market characteristics. This allows you to assign specific areas or regions to each salesperson so that they are better able to focus their efforts in the right places. Plus, it helps ensure that everyone is held accountable for their performance in each area or region assigned to them.  

Customer Data Management 

Zoho acts as a sole source for all your customer data, allowing you to access it quickly and efficiently. This means that you can easily find information on customers or potential customers, such as contact information, past interactions, and what products/services they’ve shown interest in.

You can also use Zoho to segment customers into different categories based on their needs and preferences. This is useful for targeting marketing campaigns to make sure they reach the right people. 

Opportunity management

The opportunity management feature allows you to track deals and create quotes easily and quickly. You can also use this feature for forecasting future sales opportunities by analyzing current deals in progress and identifying trends in order to plan ahead effectively.

Furthermore, this helps give your team an accurate picture of how much revenue they can expect from future sales processes so they know where they need to focus their efforts. 

Quote and order management

Zoho CRM simplifies the management of quotes and orders, allowing users to quickly create, process, and fulfil price quotations or sales transactions. With Zoho's intuitive platform streamlining these tasks, it has never been easier to successfully manage a business's quote & order system.

Partner relationship management

Streamline the way you manage your partners and OEMs with Zoho CRM! Track sales, leads, orders and territories while managing accounts in an efficient manner.

Interaction tracking

Zoho CRM makes it easy to stay on top of customer interactions! You can log and track activity across all channels - social, email, phone or even in-person. No more searching for scattered conversations – with comprehensive interaction tracking you can easily monitor each individual customer journey.

All these features make Zoho a powerful tool for managing client data and increasing productivity within your business. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive set of features designed specifically with businesses in mind, Zoho is an invaluable asset that will help improve your workflow efficiency while giving you insights into customer behavior that will help drive more sales and profits over time!

Benefits and Pitfalls of Zoho: A Comprehensive Overview


Minimal setup

Zoho CRM makes it the perfect choice for small to medium-sized teams that need something with minimal setup. With an easy-to-follow guide and straightforward steps, you can get started right away and avoid spending hours trying to install, implement, and troubleshoot.

Setting up Zoho takes little effort and can be customized to fit your unique business needs. The system is extremely simple so there’s no learning curve – you’ll be able to hit the ground running and make sure your team are ready to start using the CRM as soon as possible.

User friendly

Zoho CRM is an incredibly useful and versatile software, one that is remarkably easy to use once it's set up. With intuitive features such as the Home page display, which shows open tasks, leads for the day, expected sales closings each month, and more, navigation around Zoho CRM takes no training whatsoever.

Because of its no-frills design, you can easily come to grips with the interface and focus on what really matters. Additionally, the simple menu bar at the top lays out all your options in order from most important to least - but you can also customize their layout however you choose.  Altogether this makes using Zoho CRM a breeze!


For businesses that need a little extra help with their CRM software, Zoho is a flexible option worth exploring. With options to customise using extensions and integrations through the Zoho Marketplace,  you can look forward to better managing your finances, improving sales and increasing productivity.

Best of all, many of these tools don’t require coding knowledge to integrate into your existing system - and many are free too! So if you’re looking for an easier way to get things done with agile CRM software, then Zoho might just be the perfect solution for your business.

Mobile App

Whether you are in an important meeting or on a business trip, Zoho's mobile app offers the same functionality of their CRM software that you would find on your laptop.

Not only is the app incredibly user-friendly, but its intuitive design also ensures that you're not overwhelmed as you use it. And when you find yourself somewhere with no network connection, don't worry about missing out – you can still access and update your data on the app offline!

The mobile version also has a great location feature which not only identifies potential leads near you but also enables you to close deals quickly and easily without going through the full process. With Zoho Mobile App, managing your business while on the go has never been easier.

Great Value

If you're looking for an affordable marketing automation solution, Zoho has a great option for you. Their Free Edition comes with zero discrepancies, meaning there are no costs or obligations associated with it.

This is perfect for small businesses just starting out, providing up to three users access to its many features. When you're ready to take your marketing automation to the next level, Zoho offers several different plans complete with additional marketing automation features sure to meet any business' needs all available at competitive prices.

Regardless of what marketing solution you need, Zoho is sure to have an option that will be a great value for your business.

Video Guides

With Zoho CRM's abundance of features and customization options, setting up the right combination of tools to suit your company's needs can feel like a daunting task. Thankfully, Zoho CRM offers free video guides that provide easy step-by-step instructions on interlinking modules and managing data processing bases for users looking to maximize their use of the system.

These videos help make understanding of the extensive options available a breeze, with clear guidance from experienced professionals guiding you through every detail.  Ultimately, these videos give users the help they need to get the most out of their Zoho CRM implementation.


Longer wait times

Although they offer a great selection of add-on features, the negative feedback from customers with regards to wait times is a definite downside to using Zoho CRM. A commonly heard complaint regarding zoho's customer support is being placed on hold for extended periods - 10 minutes is not out of the ordinary - and then having to be transferred multiple times before finding customer service representatives who can finally answer their question.

This does not make for an enjoyable customer service experience, so it's definitely something worth keeping in mind when making your decision; although it might not be a dealbreaker, it's certainly no fun either.

Zoho CRM Cost and Options

Free version

Finding the right piece of project management software for your team can be complicated. With Zoho's Free Plan, you get access to a hassle-free package that will help keep your workflow efficient and organized.

This cost-saving plan allows up to three users and comes outfitted with some excellent features like tracking customer website visits, contact and account management, automated workflows, pre-built standard reports and email templates, group calendar coordination, direct messaging options, and basic level support.

You’ll find that with all these tools at your disposal, even on the free plan, you can hit the ground running quickly!

Bigin ( Express US$7 /user/month billed annually , Premier  US$12 /user/month billed annually)

With Bigin by Zoho, small businesses now have an affordable customer relationship management tool to help them manage their business operations efficiently.

Delivered as a mobile app, Bigin enables business users to provide better customer experience and superior support through the organization's CRM activities.

This offer provides an ideal solution for businesses that are looking to save on cost while still reaping the benefits of a robust CRM platform.

With features such as lead tracking and contact management available on the go, Bigin is set to revolutionize how small businesses engage with customers and stay competitive in today's market. Get the most from your productivity software with Bigin! Whether you're an individual or part of a team, our two subscription plans offer flexible and affordable options: Express for just $7 per user/month (billed annually) or Premier for only $12 per user/month (also billed annually).

Standard plan

Zoho reviews standard plan

With Zoho's Standard plan, you get so much more than just basic features. You'll get all kinds of advanced tools like sales forecasting, mass emailing, and access to yours customers' reports and your own scheduled reports. And with multiple sales pipelines and the option to generate leads from social media, you can easily keep track of your marketing strategies and reach out to more customers.

That's not all—with the Standard plan or higher, you also gain access to Zoho’s four levels of support plans. From Basic and Classic (which are free) to Premium and Enterprise (which cost a percentage fee per month), you'll always have the help you need in order to optimize your system.

Professional (US$23 /user/month billed annually)

Taking Zoho's Professional plan to the next level, you get a unique set of features that streamlines productivity and helps businesses stay organized. This includes Gamescope, an innovative sales tool that uses gaming features to increase customer engagement while using data to provide more targeted insights into a company's performance. Additionally, Zoho’s Professional plan also provides users with inventory management tools, customer support functions, and integration with Microsoft 365 - giving you access to powerful applications including Outlook, Word and Excel that can help elevate your business operations.

Enterprise (US$40 /user/month billed annually)

The Enterprise plan from Zoho offers the ultimate level of customization and access to the more advanced marketing tools. Take, for example, its auto-responders, customer segmentation capabilities, and reporting for tracking marketing campaigns and lead generation - all available as part of its Enterprise package.

With this plan also comes two luxurious add-ons: its AI sales assistant Zia (which provides predictions, suggestions and alerts) and CommandCenter with support for customer journey building – both only available within the Enterprise tier. No surprise then that this is Zoho's most popular plan – with such comprehensive functionality it's ideal for scaling your business

Ultimate Plan (US$52 /user/month billed annually)

For those who run large businesses or enterprises, the Ultimate plan from Zoho is the perfect choice. This plan offers the most convenience when it comes to customization options, forms, templates, webhooks, email notifications and more.

But that’s not all! The Ultimate plan also comes with Zoho Analytics reporting- an awesome tool for data mining and analysis from a number of different sources within your system; you’re not just limited to CRM data. Best of all you can get creative with how you present and share these reports internally or externally; the choice is yours!

How is Zoho better than its competitors? Is Zoho the right choice for your business?

Zoho is the best of all for many reasons, one of the most significant being its user interface. It's incredibly intuitive and clean, making it very easy to learn and use – novices and experts alike can get up to speed quickly.

This intuitive interface also helps to create a hassle-free experience when using the platform, removing any possible confusion or complexity that could otherwise be encountered with other solutions. With Zoho's streamlined system, users can handle their tasks with confidence knowing that there will be no issues on their end.

It’s an important decision to choose the right CRM platform for your business, and after careful consideration, many businesses have turned to Zoho as their go-to. Not only is it incredibly user-friendly for both the inexperienced and the experienced alike, but it also is lightning fast without compromising its quality.

For those still hesitant on whether or not this could be a good fit for their business, Zoho offers a free trial option to allow a thorough test run before committing. And with their quality customer support, you can trust that they will be there along each step of your journey.


In this Zoho CRM review we concluded Zoho CRM is an affordable yet feature-rich CRM tool that can benefit any business size or type. It offers a great free trial so you can test it out for yourself and see if it’s the right fit for your company.

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