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10 Email Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Should Follow in 2024

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As an email marketer, it’s important to keep your blades sharpened - sounds violent doesn’t it? Competition is violent in its own way and you need to be on point in order to be an effective and excellent email marketer. Therefore, you have to read! 

Following the best email marketing blogs provides insights into the latest email marketing software and email marketing services, crucial for staying ahead.  

Why You Should Keep an Eye on Email Marketing Blogs

Think of email marketing blogs as your go-to helpers for all things email. Here's why checking them out can really pay off:

  • Stay in the Know: Just like fashion trends, email marketing changes a lot. By following the right blogs, you'll always know what's in and what's out, helping you keep your emails looking fresh.

  • New Tech Stuff: Ever wonder if there's an easier way to do something? There probably is! Email outreach blogs can introduce you to new tools that make sending emails simpler and more fun.

  • Tips and Tricks: Who doesn't love a good shortcut? Find out how to do cool things faster with your emails, like getting more people to open them, through handy tips and tricks from the experts.

  • How-To Guides: Sometimes, you need someone to show you how to do something step-by-step. That's where blogs come in handy, giving you the lowdown on making your emails even better.

Just like you learn new things to keep getting better, it's important to stay updated with email marketing too.

Before you send out your next email, while you're planning it, or after you've sent it, make sure to catch up on the latest tips and tricks from the top blogs.

It's like having a coach who helps you get better at what you do, making sure your emails hit the mark every time.

Essential Qualities of an Outstanding Email Marketing Blog

Navigating through the vast world of email marketing blogs can be overwhelming. How do you discern the valuable ones from the rest? We're here to guide you through this process with key factors that elevate a blog from good to great. Let's dive in:

  1. Clarity and Brevity: The best blogs provide information in a straightforward and concise manner. They cut through the noise, delivering content that's easy to digest and remember.

  2. Fresh Perspectives: Look for blogs that offer new insights regularly. The digital landscape is always changing, and staying updated with the latest trends and data is crucial.

  3. Expertise: Trustworthy blogs are those backed by authors with hands-on experience in email marketing. These experts bring valuable knowledge to the table, ensuring the advice you receive is both practical and effective.

  4. Evidence-Based Content: A top-tier blog relies on data and research to support its claims, making sure that the information you get is not just opinion-based but grounded in facts.

  5. Learning Opportunities: The content should offer real, actionable advice that you can apply to improve your email marketing strategies, providing lessons that extend beyond the basics.

  6. Diversity: A rich blog doesn't just rehash old topics; it explores a variety of subjects, keeping you engaged and informed about different aspects of email marketing.

  7. Unbiased Information: The primary goal of a commendable blog is to educate and inform, not to sell. It should focus on delivering value, free from overt promotions of its own services or products.

  8. Visual Guidance: Practical how-to guides enhanced with images, screenshots, or examples can significantly improve understanding, making complex topics accessible to everyone.

While these are the core attributes that define a superior marketing blog, the essence lies in finding a blog that resonates with you and meets your unique learning style and needs.

Therefore, we have put together a list of blogs that can really enhance your email marketing know-how. 

1. HubSpot

Though we haven’t listed these blogs in any particular order, Hubspot is definitely our favorite.

The blog is very action-oriented with no fluff and clear-cut tips and tricks on how to make your emails effective. You are bound to learn a lot from this blog.

From growing an email list and ensuring compliance with regulations to leveraging email automation for targeted messaging, HubSpot provides a comprehensive toolkit for the essentials of email marketing - though it has everything about digital marketing, email marketing is also vastly covered.

For example, you can check out this recent Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing blog. It meticulously walks you through the process step by step, covering everything from building an email list to segmentation and more.

This comprehensive resource is enriched with in-depth discussions on email marketing content strategies and best practices for designing compelling email templates.

Whether you're crafting your first campaign or looking to refine your approach, the guide offers actionable insights and practical advice to enhance your email marketing efforts.

2. MailChimp

It might seem a little expected that we should mention the MailChimp blog next. Hubspot and MailChimp are both very popular platforms, and they also have highly informative blogs.

The blog is broken down into categories and contains content from experts who can give you insights based on experience. 

The blog also features amazing case studies highlighting  how different strategists have helped email marketers score big. Check out this case study for more. 

3. AeroLeads

Need to find email addresses or phone numbers of business contacts? AeroLeads saves the day when it comes to that and is immensely popular amongst businesses globally. 

Whether it is LinkedIn or another platform, AeroLeads helps you find those prospects. Start by using GoCustomer to warm up your email domain, then gather contact details of prospects with AeroLeads, and start shooting out those messages! 

The AeroLeads blog gives you everything from email marketing hacks to email campaign strategies - you will definitely learn a lot here. 

4. ActiveCampaign

If you have heard of Hubspot and MailChimp, you have probably also heard of Active Campaign. Being one of the best email marketing platforms available, ActiveCampaign has a sufficient market share with 145,000 clients reported in 2021. 

ActiveCampaign stands out for its smart CRM automation tools and for the helpful knowledge shared on its blog.

This site is filled with easy-to-follow guides, tips on growing your marketing skills, and deep dives into email marketing, making it a go-to resource.

The blog is neatly organized into different sections, so there's always something useful for anyone looking to improve their marketing strategies.

Whether you want to get better at managing customer relationships, or are focused on getting the most out of email marketing, ActiveCampaign’s blog has you covered.

Apart from email marketing, the blog also touches on how to effectively use social media.

In today’s digital age, mastering social media is essential for expanding your reach and engaging with a broader audience.

ActiveCampaign shares practical advice on integrating social media strategies with your email campaigns for maximum impact.

While exploring ActiveCampaign’s blog might take a bit of scrolling, the journey is worth it.

The blog is updated regularly, offering a mix of writing styles from relaxed to more formal, ensuring there's always something new and interesting to read.

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5. MailBakery

MailBakery sounds like a tasty name, right? It has a very intriguing blog too that is full of plenty of flavors and delightful content. You can find content on how to best design emails, email marketing strategy, and much more! 

It also gives coding tips and excellent copywriting examples - everything you need to write compelling and persuasive emails. 

6. MarketingProfs

Not everyone likes the written word, some prefer to watch rather than read. That’s why MarketProfs has a blog and a content section that includes blogs, webinars, videos, infographics, and more. 

You can learn a lot about creating email lists, email campaigns, and advanced aspects of email marketing. MarketingProfs may not be the most popular blog, but then it’s not a popularity contest when it comes to learning. The blog also gives you tons of statistics that you can use in your emails. 

Do follow it! 

7. MailJet

Life is not a bed of roses… and neither is email marketing, to be honest. There are always negative aspects involved. However, the negative and bad are great learning resources and that’s what MailJet specialize in.

They also highlight negative examples and show what DOES NOT work and why while also discussing stronger examples and telling readers what they should do. 

While also focusing on B2C email marketing, there is also plenty of material highlighting what to do in the B2B sphere as well. The art of emailing a business and emailing a consumer is very different - and MailJet can help you in both realms. 

8. Litmus 

Litmus covers just about everything an email marketing expert need to know about email marketing and email campaigns. The blog is very easy to read and easy to navigate and you can easily search for the information you need without hassle. 

The blog isn’t focused on selling products or services from Litmus but is genuinely educational. Checkout this fun blog about adding animated GIFs in your email as an example of the great stuff they cover. 

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9. Klaviyo 

If you are tired of the traditional, move on to the unconventional - Klaviyo has all of that and more.

The categories include email marketing, SMS marketing, and more and key industry leaders have also contributed their thoughts to articles to help establish points where needed. 

The articles are highly creative such as this particular post: Create birthday emails for subscribers.

10. GoCustomer

Though we usually don’t mention ourselves very fervently, we do believe our blog has a lot to say about email deliverability, email marketing and specifically customer acquisition. However, we don’t stop at any one particular topic.

We go on to talk about everything from newsletters to email marketing strategies and the best email timings. 

In today's AI-driven world, GoCustomer is here to help email marketing bloggers and email marketers get smarter with their campaigns.

We're here to share what we know, not to sell. So, when you follow our blog, you'll find straightforward advice on using AI to catch your audience's attention and keep them interested.

This is the kind of stuff that can really help you stand out in your customers' inboxes in 2024.

GoCustomer is a platform designed to help businesses attract and nurture leads more effectively. It stands out by enabling the creation of hyper-personalized emails, a crucial strategy for engaging potential customers.

How does it manage to do this? By gathering and continually updating information from a variety of sources, including LinkedIn and company websites.

From subject lines to crafting an effective email body, GoCustomer tailors each email to personally resonate with each recipient.

Imagine being able to craft thousands of unique emails tailored to individual prospects—let's say 1,000 of them—all in just a few minutes. That's exactly what GoCustomer offers.

This capability not only saves a tremendous amount of time but also significantly increases the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

Hyper personalization is key in today's marketing world, and GoCustomer leverages it to the fullest, ensuring that your messages stand out in a crowded inbox.

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In conclusion, the landscape of email marketing is ever-evolving, with new trends, technologies, and strategies emerging constantly.

For email marketing professionals seeking to sharpen their skills and stay ahead in the competitive arena, following the best email marketing blogs is indispensable.

These blogs are treasure troves of knowledge, offering the latest industry news, email marketing campaigns insights, email marketing software updates, and email marketing services best practices.

Whether you are a budding email marketing blogger or an experienced marketer aiming to enhance your email marketing efforts, diving into these recommended blogs will equip you with the knowledge and marketing tools necessary to excel.

By staying informed and adaptable, you ensure your email marketing strategies remain effective and impactful, driving success in your digital marketing endeavors.

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    In a nutshell

    Email marketing blogs provide valuable insights, tips, and best practices that can help email marketers improve their campaigns and achieve better results.
    Factors to consider when choosing an email marketing blog include the quality and relevance of the content, the credibility and authority of the authors, the frequency and consistency of updates, and the level of engagement and interaction with readers.
    Categories on the MailChimp blog include email marketing tips, industry news and trends, product updates, customer success stories, and resources for small businesses.
    AeroLeads is a lead generation and sales intelligence software, and their blog covers topics related to sales, marketing, and business growth, including email marketing best practices, lead generation strategies, and sales techniques.
    ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform, and their blog covers topics related to email marketing, marketing automation, CRM, and e-commerce, providing insights and advice to help businesses grow and succeed.
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