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Aspiring entrepreneurs know that creating a glamorous product or service doesn't translate into millions of dollars on its own.

No matter how stellar your value proposition may be, it needs to be backed by enough market research to match an interested audience eager to pay.

Is lead conversion a business's license to success?

The art of selling to the right people is synonymous with business success. This is why top-tier companies invest significant time and resources into finding all the leads for their product or service.

The longer the list of prospective customers your employees come up with, the higher the potential sales.

In essence, lead conversion in contemporary times involves using digital marketing to attract customers and eventually convince them to pay in exchange for what's being offered. While tracing common connections to identify niche clients is certainly lucrative, there's a much easier way to build your customer pipeline in 2023.

This is where a lead management solution comes in. It puts a modern spin on contact search, whereby, businesses can get access to the phone numbers and email addresses of potential clients.

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This type of software can drastically reduce the time you spend finding leads, and divert your business's energy toward actual selling.

Reduce the time we spent finding leads

With that said, signing up for a centralized platform scaled for prospecting is easy but businesses must pay top dollar to get their hands on valuable customer details. Naturally, there's a price tag to those golden phone numbers you're vying for.

And if you're wondering whether buying leads is actually legal, rest assured, thousands of companies do it and you can too. Purchasing sales credits hurts no one - except your competitors, of course.

Safe to say, this also bears no negative consequences for enterprise security compliance. It is just one form of paid market research that gives your business a nudge in the right direction. So, you can worry about perfecting the first contact, rather than fishing for it yourself.

How can Seamless AI help your company?

Seamless AI is an integrated lead management solution and B2B/B2C search engine for finding contact information such as cell phone numbers and email addresses. The software allows your company to connect with its ideal customer, accelerate the funneling process and shorten the cycle.

Users can easily integrate the software with other programs. Simply head over to the website and watch as its Google Chrome extension turns the search engine into a real-time connection builder, no matter which industry your business operates in.

This form of SEO enhances your access to key sales insights, especially when you pay for a higher number of credits. If you're among the growing list of businesses thinking about building a contact list the easy way, let our guide help you choose a suitable plan at the right price.

Plans and pricing

seamless ai pricing and plans

The free version

Best suited for single users, the free version offers 50 credits along with seven basic and two support features. Email addresses and cell phones are included, whereby you can deploy the search engine to gather information on a desired contact.

Additionally, users can tap into the self-serve knowledge base to get answers to general queries or avail of personalized support via email.

Additionally, an easy data importing facility and basic integrations allow you to connect the centralized platform with different tools, for example, HubSpot, Outreach, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and more. To top it off, enterprise security and compliance come for free so you don't have to worry about the technicalities.

But let's be honest, the free plan doesn't offer much legroom to growing start-ups looking to expand. What're 50 credits in the face of a massive target segment that's branching out by the day?

As the first of four pricing tiers, this package is a great trial for an expanding company or single user testing the waters with zero-cost lead generation.

Basic Plan

Priced at $147 a month (discounted annual charge), the basic subscription extends user credits to 250 while retaining all the free trial features. However, both company and single users can avail of a live training webinar. For those who don't have prior experience with contact search, this isn't just a perk, it's necessary.

Not being able to reap the benefits of a lead generation system, especially when you've spent hundreds of dollars on it feels like a nightmare. While email support and knowledge resources are great, they aren't enough to save you from a technical pickle.

Pro Plan

Expect custom privileges with the Pro plan. Rather than limiting yourself to a set amount of credits, you can make the most of flexible contact search with a daily refresh feature. From data importing to enterprise security and everything in between, the Pro plan doesn't exclude anything offered in its budget-friendly counterpart.

However, it does add on a bunch of other useful features such as pitch intelligence to enhance lead conversion, unlimited integrations with a plethora of other software, a free admin seat and advanced organization management designed for your workforce.

Seamless AI Pro Plan

Since this is a custom plan, you must contact the sales team to decide on terms and pricing, three additional premium features - data enrichment, job changes, and autopilot - can also be added.

In addition to the many capabilities extended by the Pro plan, its support features are truly noteworthy. Priority support, the expertise of an onboarding specialist as well as a success manager, and access to live chat support helps users overcome bumps in the road.

Enterprise Plan

At the top of the pricing tiers, you get maximum bang for your buck with the enterprise solution. This overarching plan brings the best of, not both, but all worlds - an extensive list of primary features and excellent support capabilities. While the pro plan doesn't seem much different, you shouldn't settle for the latter if you're dealing with a lot of vendors and managing hundreds of employees.

The true highlight of the Enterprise plan is its quarterly business reviews. These provide deeper insights into the performance of your conversion strategy, and help your company set higher benchmarks by identifying viable opportunities.

Needless to say, business reviews let companies plan for possible risks by unveiling them beforehand. Thus, making contact search more purposeful and leadership-oriented.

As the cherry on top, subscribers of this package also get dedicated phone support - an essential feature to address the concerns of large enterprise teams so everyone can be on the same page.

How it works

Subscribing to a plan of your choice is easy. Before you pay, however, make sure to sign up for a business account.

After submitting the relevant details, you can either select a pre-designed package (Free and Basic) or get in touch with company representatives for a customized plan (Pro and Enterprise).

Price vs benefits

Not eager to spend too much? Don't be tempted into choosing the cheapest lead management solution out there. Too many discounts are a major red flag that your company should avoid at all costs.

Remember, quality comes at a certain price, and comprising that may as well mean money down the drain. With Seamless AI, annually billed plans can be purchased at a discount for maximum savings.

Seamless AI Quality comes at a certain price

Bottom line

It's no secret that company success hinges on how effectively customer contacts convert. And opting for a lead generation program is a viable solution that practically never goes wrong.

As a business eager to grow their venture, you can build a robust contact list and email clients (usually landing in their Inbox) with GoCustomer. After all, it isn't JUST about acquiring the right contact, communicating with the latter is equally important!

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Reach more customers with your cold emails

Table of Contents

    In a nutshell

    Lead conversion is crucial because it translates a compelling value proposition into actual sales, ensuring business success by targeting the right audience.
    A lead management solution simplifies finding potential clients by modernizing contact search, providing access to phone numbers and email addresses efficiently.
    Seamless AI, an integrated lead management solution, facilitates connecting with ideal customers, accelerating the funneling process, and shortening the sales cycle through real-time contact information.
    Seamless AI offers a free version with limited features and paid plans such as Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Choose a plan based on your business size, needs, and budget.
    The free version provides 50 credits and basic features, suitable for single users. Paid plans offer more credits, advanced features, live training webinars, and flexible contact search options.
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