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Who is Competing: Salesloft Competitors and How They Rank

Analyze the top contenders in CRM


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If you are looking for a high-performing sales engagement platform, you know how important it is to understand who is competing in the marketplace. Salesloft has emerged as an industry leader with their modern features and advanced functions, but there's no shortage of competition - so where do they fit in?

This blog post will provide an overview of SalesLoft's competitors and rank those sales engagement platforms in different categories, from cost effectiveness to ease of use. Learn more about who's competing against Salesloft - and where they come out on top!

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salesloft competitors outreach – #1 SalesLoft competitor is an innovative sales platform designed to boost the success of outbound sales and marketing teams. It provides reps and revenue teams with an enjoyable experience, allowing them to take informed and confident actions, optimize the revenue funnel, and gain access to complex machine-learning models that provide meaningful data analytics. 

With Outreach's combination of robust features and unbeatable customer support, it's no wonder it has surpassed SalesLoft as the market leader in sales outreach software. The top teams are already leveraging Outreach's capabilities to revolutionize their processes and modernize their approach.


It is available on request. 


  • Comprehensive System of Action

  • Track Team Performance

  • Always On Assistant

  • AI & ML-Powered Insights


  • Extend sales prospects

  • Generate automated sequences for effective lead generation.

  • Utilize machine learning to upgrade sales performance.

  • Examine sales process insights for better engagement.

  • Integrate CRM activities and sales tools into one platform.


  • It is more expensive than other software.

  • It does not work with Google Sheets.

  • It has a complex user interface. 

Yesware – Affordable SalesLoft alternative

Yesware salesloft competitors

Yesware is an affordable SalesLoft competitor offering an all-in-one sales toolkit that runs directly from your email inbox. It's ultra-affordable, and one license can be purchased with no team minimums required.

Furthermore, Yesware allows potential customers to try before they buy through their free trial option - a feature many other SalesLoft alternatives do not have the luxury of offering. 

On top of its great affordability and a free trial, Yesware has a lean feature set that focuses on key action points throughout the sales cycle, including helpful integrations with third-party software such as Salesforce and LinkedIn.

Its simplicity and ease of use are major reasons it has such an avid fan base and continues to prove itself among the competition.

Yesware makes sales automation easier by running directly out of users' email inboxes, which means less friction when getting started.

Even so, those looking for a more comprehensive solution may be better served by SalesLoft since Yesware does lack some features due to it being embedded in the email. If your sales processes are predominantly run through your inbox, and other channels are not an issue, then Yesware could be the way to go.



$15 Seat / month


$35 Seat / month

Custom Plan


$65 Seat / month

Free Forever

$0 Seat / month

For small businesses

 and solo sales professionals  

For scaling sales teams at

high-growth companies

Need a Customized or Pilot Program?

For powerhouse sales teams

For Salesforce CRM

For beginner sales professionals 

It includes:

Everything in Pro, plus:

Everything in Enterprise, plus:

Everything in Premium, plus:

It includes:

Unlimited email open tracking

Unlimited Campaigns

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Customized Trainings

Email support

Unlimited email open tracking

Shared Templates & Campaigns

Pay by invoice

Trusted IP Ranges

Meeting Scheduler

Personal Activity Report

Team reporting

RingCentral Telephony Integration

Salesforce Single Sign-On

Weekly webinar trainings

Email and phone support

Unlimited teams

Scan Salesforce alternative email field

Import List Views to Campaigns

Basic attachment tracking

Unlimited email open tracking

Zoom Meeting Integration

Prefer Salesforce Contacts over Leads

Add Contacts to Campaigns

Basic email open tracking

20 Campaign recipients/month

Centralized Team Billing

Scan Salesforce opt-out field in 1-1 emails

Bi-Directional Activity Sync

Microsoft Teams Integration

Scan Salesforce opt-out field

in Campaigns

Salesforce Summary Task Logging

Customer Success On-Demand

Salesforce Event Type / Calendar Sync

Salesforce Background Sync

Salesforce Force Sync On

Salesforce Calendar Sync

Salesforce Customizations

Salesforce Email Reply Sync

Security review

Salesforce Email Sent Sync

Legal review

Salesforce Inbox Sidebar

Managed package reporting


  • Team templates

  • Mail merge

  • Click to call

  • Personal reports

  • Reminders

  • Unlimited email tracking

  • Personal templates

  • Presentation tracking

  • Multiple team management

  • Sales tools & tracking

  • Trusted IP ranges

  • Attachment tracking

  • Send later

  • Role-based permissions

  • Phone & email support

  • Standard email support

  • Centralized team billing

  • Team reports

  • Copy to most CRMs

  • Salesforce integration


  • It helps in tracking notifications

  • It helps to monitor staff 

  • It helps in automating data entry 

  • It is a comprehensive solution

  • It can boost the productivity and effectiveness of the sales team 


  • Email templates give occasional lags

Groove – A reliable SalesLoft competitor

Groove is an incredibly powerful sales engagement platform built with Salesforce in mind. Its industry is recognized as the only native integration of its kind and prides itself on making the lives of salespeople much easier.

From sourcing new leads to renewing deals, Groove makes it simple to expand your revenue base efficiently. Its purpose-built design makes it easy to use, particularly if you already have a Salesforce-driven company.

What truly sets Groove apart from competitors like SalefLoft is that Groove sits directly on top of Salesforce - allowing you to maximize the return on your investments on both platforms. Whether your company needs more power or not, Groove looks set to revolutionize how businesses operate moving forward.










Perfect for small teams

Ideal for growing teams

Best value for larger teams

Made for the Enterprise

Start for free

Start for free

Start for free

Unlimited mailboxes

1 Mailbox

5 Mailboxes

25 Mailboxes

Full Knowledge base

Full Knowledge base

Full Knowledge base

Full Knowledge base

Live chat

Live chat

Live chat

Live chat

Instant Replies

Instant Replies

Instant Replies

Instant Replies

Assign, comment, @mention

Assign, comment, @mention

Assign, comment, @mention

Assign, comment, @mention





Rules & Automations

Rules & Automations

Rules & Automations

Rules & Automations

API & 25+ integrations

API & 25+ integrations

API & 25+ integrations

API & 25+ integrations

CSAT Satisfaction surveys

CSAT Satisfaction surveys

CSAT Satisfaction surveys

CSAT Satisfaction surveys

Full Report history

Full Report history

Full Report history

Full Report history

Native Mobile Apps

Native Mobile Apps

Native Mobile Apps

Native Mobile Apps

24/6 Email support

24/6 Email support

24/6 Email support

24/6 Email support

Onboarding assistance

Onboarding assistance

Onboarding assistance

Onboarding assistance

Premium integrations

Premium integrations

Premium integrations

Premium integrations

Dedicated success manager

Dedicated success manager

Dedicated success manager

Dedicated success manager


  • Calendar sync

  • Email Scheduling

  • Auto-call logging

  • Team collaboration

  • Tasks

  • Email tracking

  • Templates

  • Call statistics

  • Click-to-call

  • Filters

  • Activity log

  • Sales automation

  • Custom data collection

  • Built-in dialer

  • Template performance

  • Email sync

  • Advanced search

  • Account prioritization

  • Reminders


  • It effectively helps to engage accounts.

  • It helps to create compelling campaigns.

  • It helps to generate practical analytics.

  • It has an influential automation.


  • It is not as powerful or easy to use as competitors like Outreach.– Salesloft competitor with a powerful database of leads

Apollo provides an incredibly useful and powerful lead database combined with innovative sales engagement software. Its Machine learning and artificial intelligence have revolutionized sales pipeline management opportunities. These technologies can analyze the results of automated email campaigns and outbound sequences, provide insights to the sales team, and tweak strategies accordingly to generate new revenue opportunities.

Furthermore, this sales intelligence platform stands out from similar platforms by offering great flexibility by integrating with some of the leading customer relationship management platforms that seamlessly mesh with many different sales setups. 

It's fast becoming a go-to choice for the sales team seeking to upgrade their output in an increasingly competitive market.

Apollo is a great choice for the sales teams of smaller and mid-size companies looking for a sales tech tool that can be tailored to their specific needs. It has all the standard features and functionality one would expect from a product of this type, but its user interface can be a bit complicated. 

It is clear that there's plenty of potential in the product's roadmap, given Apollo's machine learning offering; however, SalesLoft still outperforms it in terms of reliability and comprehensiveness.

One thing that sets it apart from SalesLoft is Apollo's robust database of contacts ready to import into an outbound sequence, an unbeatable advantage for those needing immediate contact enrichment.









$99 $79

Per user, per monthBilled annually

Per user, per monthBilled annually

Per user, per month (min 5 users)Billed annually

Unlimited Email Credits

Unlimited Email Credits

Unlimited Email Credits

Unlimited Email Credits

60 Mobile Credits / year

300 Mobile Credits / year

1,200 Mobile Credits / year

1,500 Mobile Credits / year

120 Export Credits / year

3,000 Export Credits / year

12,000 Export Credits / year

24,000 Export Credits / year

Everything in Free plus:

Everything in Basic plus:

Everything in Professional plus:

Basic Sequence Automation (2 Sequence Limit)

Select 2,000 Records at a Time

Select 10,000 Records at a Time

Data Enrichment

Basic Filters

No Sequence Limit

Advanced Reports & Dashboards (Pre-Built)

Buying Intent (Custom Amount of Intent Topics) & Intent Filters

Buying Intent (1 Intent Topic Limit)

Uncapped Sending Limits with SendGrid

Buying Intent (6 Intent Topics Limit) & Intent Filters

Call Transcriptions, International Dialing & Local Presence

LinkedIn Extension

A/B Testing

Manual Tasks

Customizable Reports

Send 250 Emails/day

Buying Intent (6 Intent Topics Limit)


Permission Profiles

Gmail Extension

Job Changes

Call Recordings

Advanced API Access

Email Reply & Meeting Tracking

Advanced Filters

Custom Stages

Rules Engine Process Builder (300 Rules limit)

Outreach & SalesLoft Integration

Integration with All Email Providers

Rules Engine Process Builder (5 Rules Limit)

CSV Export

Custom Fields

Zapier Integration


Limited API Access

Email Open & Click Tracking

Advanced Salesforce & HubSpot Integration (Bi-Directional)

Rules Engine Process Builder (1 Rule Limit)


  • Email automation

  • Lead scoring

  • Inbox integration

  • Email/Call sequencing

  • Call list management

  • Content management

  • Team management

  • Call monitoring

  • Sales activity automation

  • Performance analytics (Sales)

  • Workflow management

  • All recording

  • CRM integration


  • It supports social media integration and different filters. 

  • It is easy to use.

  • It is fast and powerful.

  • It offers flexibility in using sequences. 


  • It lacks Zapier integration.

Mixmax – Another budget-friendly Salesloft competitor

mixmax salesloft competitors

MixMax is revolutionizing the way that salespeople maximize their time and efforts. Their powerful tools are capable of a range of functionalities, from integrations to scheduling and tracking. All of this comes at a surprisingly affordable cost, allowing sales reps to focus on the truly important sales tasks- like communicating with clients- without having to sacrifice time on administrative or other mundane tasks.

If you are living your day by email, it might be time to check out MixMax- you won't regret it! Highly effective and impressive automation tools have been proven to improve efficiency and make the entire experience more enjoyable- two results that everyone can appreciate.

To many, MixMax might not be a household name, especially compared to SalesLoft. However, it is undervalued as a sophisticated sales technology platform. Not only does it have the capacity to interact through email, but its powerful range of customizable features gives companies a unique breath of possibility; one use case can be tailored to meet multiple needs and still work within the same framework.

Moreover, with numerous integrations available, it fits in neatly within existing technological stacks or assists in building an ad hoc tech stack from scratch - depending on how you prefer to communicate with clients. For these reasons, MixMax is an often overlooked piece of software worth exploring further.



Growth + Salesforce



Free Plan

Enterprise controls & custom setup for larger teams

Sales engagement with Salesforce integration

Sales automation for growing teams

Email campaigns and calendaring for teams

Calendaring and email productivity

Custom Pricing

$69per user,

per month

$49per user,

per month

$24per user,

per month

$0per user,

per month

Tasks & automation

Salesforce integration

Sequence personalization

Sequences (mail merge)

Instant scheduling

Delegated sending Dialer

Sequence personalization

Reporting & analytics


Email templates

Admin controls



No "Sent with Mixmax" signature

Industry-leading security

Custom branding

Round-robin calendaring

CRM auto-BCC

Email tracking

Reporting & analytics

Custom branding

Scheduling on shared calendars

Email polls & surveys

Round-robin calendaring

Shared email templates

Unlimited event types


  • CRM

  • Auto-Dialer

  • Contact Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Activity Tracking

  • Campaign Management

  • Call Recording

  • Call Management


  • Its salesforce integration feature is excellent

  • The templating options are great. 

  • Its marketing tool works great when combined with Gsuite. 

  • The control panel is very simple.

  • There is a choice of creating custom templates


  • Only expensive plans have essential features. 

How to Select the Best Salesloft Alternative

Researching and finding the best Salesloft alternative is essential for any business looking to stay competitive in their sector. When considering options, it's important to look at features like automation, customer data tracking, scalability, and customization.

 All of these elements can make a difference when it comes to streamlining your sales process and keeping up with the ever-changing market. It's also important to consider the cost-effectiveness of various packages as well as user experience reviews from past clients.

Considering these factors when researching alternative products can help you pick the one that will give your business the greatest boost.

Why do companies consider Salesloft competitors?

SalesLoft is undoubtedly an amazing sales engagement software; however, like any other software, it has its downsides noted after extensive research on customer experience. One of the main problems most customers face is they are unable to track how custom dispositions and feelings were performed on calls. 

Additionally, it can be tricky to integrate videos into the mail due to the large quantity of data, which should instead be used to suggest letter content and mail subject lines. Although most people are absorbed into the cadence, there are instances where only 80-85 percent fare well with this; moreover, their template designs can be quite crammed together so tightly that the subject line doesn't fit accordingly.


As the sales acceleration software market continues to grow, it's important to know who your main competitors are and how they rank. SalesLoft is a leading player in the space, but other companies are doing interesting things and worth considering as you decide your sales strategy.

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