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Campaign Analytics - Guide

A brief guide to the campaign analytics's section

When you access the analytics page, the first thing you'll encounter is a comprehensive display of statistics from all the campaigns you have ever run. The following stats will be readily available:

Total Sent: This indicates the total number of emails you have sent since creating your account. Total Open: The number of emails opened by prospects across all campaigns you have ever sent.

Total Clicks: The total number of times prospects have clicked on triggers included in your emails, calculated from all campaigns.

Total Replies: The cumulative count of times prospects have replied to your emails, aggregated from all the campaigns you've ever sent.

On the analytics page, you can access informative graphs presenting detailed insights about your campaigns. These graphs enable you to examine different aspects of your email campaigns comprehensively.

Furthermore, we highlight the top-performing campaigns by comparing their open rates across all your email campaigns. This feature allows you to quickly identify the most successful campaigns.

With our analytics page, you gain valuable data-driven insights to better understand the performance of your email campaigns and make informed decisions to optimize your future efforts.


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